Agility & Atlassian tooling for advanced delivery

Agile software development methodologies are the key driver of digital transformation across industries, as they go far beyond simply changing how software gets built. Agile redefines how teams communicate and collaborate, boosts self-organization, cross-functionality, and individual responsibility.

By adopting agile practices and automating them with the Atlassian tooling, startups and enterprises shift focus to gaining faster user feedback, accelerating time-to-market, and increasing flexibility to change.

What we do?
  • Agile Transformation

Archer Services - Agile Transformation

Implementing Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Lean Agile to align hardware and software processes and ensure an integrated product-development environment

Archer Services - Custom Atlassian solutions

50+ Atlassian certified experts and developers and 20+ partnerships with Atlassian Marketplace Vendors to create a unified digital ecosystem and ensure smooth collaboration

Archer Services - AWS Cloud Technology and Support

Leveraging virtual AWS environment for applications and on-demand / auto-scaled solutions to build, deploy, monitor, test, and ensure security

Archer Services - AWS DevOps Solutions

Extending staff capabilities to support direct development of AWS DevOps services or third-party DevOps solutions running within AWS environments

Archer Services NetOps

Infrastructure verification and monitoring setup, preparation for Scaling and Growth, 1st through 3rd line of defense, support by schedule

Why Archer?
We are leveraging the synergies of our 20+ years of custom software development experience

merging it with the 15+ years of Agile transformation expertise of the Cprime company

Cprime boasts a diversely qualified bench of over 200 Agile Experts

facilitating adopting Agile in one of your teams or scaling Agile through your enterprise

We validate alignment to business strategy, tailor the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

to drive measurable business results, increase operational effectiveness, and unleash the hidden potential of your organization.

  • Stage 1: Prepare

Gaining knowledge and understanding of the organization

Discovering areas to improve by ways of education on best practices and discovery of the enterprise

Archer Process - Prepare

Defining how we will solve the problem using a proven solution, context, and demonstrated experience

Laying out the strategy and milestones for Agile transformation and setting up the Atlassian tooling to support the processes

Archer Process - Roadmap

Iteratively solving the areas of improvement with a mindset on outcomes, not outputs

Finetuning the tooling on a constant basis to help the team to focus on value and innovation to adapt and win

Archer Process - Iterate

Evaluating if outcomes were achieved based on solutions built

Looping back to the initial requirements to validate them against the changes and outcomes

Archer Process - Measure

Building the capability within the organization to learn evolve and grow

Create the center of competence within the organization to enable internal coaching and training

Archer Process - Enable
Results we deliver
Archer Result - Lean Agile Transformation
Lean Agile Transformation to yield the market-impactful outcomes
Results Product Design Market penetration
Self-organized teams taking responsibility for strategic decisions
Archer Results Development Opportunities to improve IT
Enterprise able to address market shifts and emerging opportunities
Archer Results Development Communication
Strategy to identify and systemically address blocks of productivity maximization
Results Product Design Metrics
Continuous improvement as a corporate capability
Results Product Design Team building
Team structure and operating model to continually improve results

Our clients say

Archer Software met expectations. Their ability to adapt seamlessly makes them stand out from other developers. They're responsive, skilled, and communicative. They’ve always hit deadlines.

Our project is important to us, but Archer Software makes it feel like it’s important to them.

Tara Parker, Co-Founder & President, ScoutingZone
Tara Parker

Success stories

Archer Client - Lottosend

Semi-robotic platform for online participation in offline lotteries

Development and integration of the Drupal website, iOS and .Net apps, and scanning/printing hardware for the global lottery messenger service

Archer's Client - MomentoFood

Cross-platform apps with ML features for food delivery service

Creating a set of React Native apps for couriers and customers of the food delivery service and extending the functionality of the demand predictability and dispatch with machine learning features

Archer's Client - B2Lead

Web-based content management system

Re-design of the web-based content management system and significant update of the functionality based on the users' feedback

Archer's Clients - Mulesoft

Platform for designing and building APIs and integrations

Unifying the UI components library and implementing it across the integrations platform, as well as migrating the project from React to Angular.

Archer's Clients - Renault

Warehouse, Fleet and Service Management

Multiple IT projects including development of the warehouse management system (WMS), salary review portal, car rental app, service and repair management module, etc.

Archer's Clients - Volvo

Android App for Car Manufacturer

Android application for Volvo clients allowing them to easier engage with the manufacturer and its dealers as well as to stay in the loop of the company's updates

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