Full-cycle software development

Through forward-thinking ideation and technology orchestration, companies create and deliver unique value to their customers, optimize internal operations, gain competitive advantages and advance business indexes.

Archer Technology advisory enables the disruptive transformation of the way companies can innovate. We work with healthcare, automotive and fintech industries to implement agile and lean development processes, incorporate new apps, platforms, architectures and technologies to launch life-changing products.

What we do?
  • System Analysis and Design

Archer Services System Design

Elaborating requirements to system architecture, and performance following industry standards to establish a scalable and secure development framework

Archer Services Web Development

Best-of-breed developers with a solid background in building cloud-based high-load applications and well-thought-out user experience

Archer Services Mobile development

Device-agnostic cross-platform app development with explicit attention to smooth user interaction ensuring quick adoption and high engagement

Archer Services Embedded development

Building high-tech embedded devices, mobile systems, and IoT-enabled products focusing on sustainability, scalability, and performance

Archer Services - Quality Assurance

Functional, Non-Functional, Load, Performance and Penetration Testing. Manual, Automated, Agile Testing, and many more to ensure the product’s errorless operation

Archer Services DevOps

Faster product releases, robust Agile Release Train, Live Features Toggling, Blue/Green Deployment, proactive issues resolution through close collaboration of the development and operations

Why Archer?
Archer has delivered software development projects for 300+ high tech companies, startups and large-enterprise IT users.

Every day we gain rich insights into the ever-evolving global technology landscape to build scalable, high-performing and secure solutions. Having delivered more than 500 products, Archer has leveraged more than 60 programming languages and 30 frameworks covering frontend, backend, mobile native and hybrid development, embedded and IoT solutions.

We provide end-to-end IT lifecycle management based on the best practices of RUP, XP, and Scaled Agile.

We make sure our processes are transparent, efficient and result-oriented, which is why we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and compliant with CMMI level 4.

Our cost performance index (CPI) has been more than 99.96% during the last 5 years.

We focus on achieving your business objectives and guarantee on-time delivery and enduring value. We offer flexible engagement models and a wide range of cost-effective solutions.

  • Stage 1: Investigating the idea

Defining stakeholders, potential users and their needs and business/technical issues to be solved

Business requirements mapping onto planned features scope

Feasibility study and consistency check troubleshooting the product concept

Business and technological constraints discovery

Archer Process Investigate idea

System architecture and conceptual design that meets outlined requirements

Incorporating requirements of the relevant certifications, regulations and formal market constraints

Defining the methodologies to be used building software

Producing functional and data model

Generating comprehensive design specifications following best practices and industry standards

Archer Process Develop solution

Defining the goals and deliverables

Establishing a clear timeline and milestones

Defining the team structure and resources to be staffed

Establishing the framework for daily operations

Setting up the infrastructure for development and deployment

Archer Process Plan delivery

Defining the requirements for the recruitment team

Discovering the opportunities to staff internally

Market research and candidates selection

Interviewing the matching applicants

Onboarding successful employees

Archer Process Staff team

Backend / Frontend / Mobile / Embedded Development

Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Ensuring delivery against an approved timeline

Involving DevOps to build release-driven system

Continuous exploration, integration and delivery

Archer Process Implement solution

Designing a clear criteria list for launch readiness

Testing the product to comply with initial business and tech requirements

Getting the infrastructure ready for the release peak load

Setting up the channels for customers feedback and reports

Preparing the team for prompt fixes and support

Archer Process Launch Solution
Results we deliver
Archer Results Development Control over tech team
Complete control over a tech team allied with the cost advantage of offshore engagement model
Archer Results Development Investments
Maintaining efficient IT investments (systems, processes, resources) and ensuring they are fit for growth
Archer Results Development Communication
Productive communication and collaboration between leadership, IT, sales & marketing, and other business units
Archer Results Development Cloud computin
Modernised IT and streamlined operations through cloud-based businesses implementation or leveraging cloud computing
Archer Results Development Cybersecurity
Securing assets to detect, respond to, and resolve cybersecurity threats to intellectual property, including ransomware
Archer Results Development Opportunities to improve IT
Identifying emerging opportunities for improved IT performance and achieving business goals

Success stories

Archer Client - Lottosend

Semi-robotic platform for online participation in offline lotteries

Development and integration of the Drupal website, iOS and .Net apps, and scanning/printing hardware for the global lottery messenger service

Archer's Client - MomentoFood

Cross-platform apps with ML features for food delivery service

Creating a set of React Native apps for couriers and customers of the food delivery service and extending the functionality of the demand predictability and dispatch with machine learning features

Archer's Client - B2Lead

Web-based content management system

Re-design of the web-based content management system and significant update of the functionality based on the users' feedback

Archer's Clients - Mulesoft

Platform for designing and building APIs and integrations

Unifying the UI components library and implementing it across the integrations platform, as well as migrating the project from React to Angular.

Archer's Clients - Renault

Warehouse, Fleet and Service Management

Multiple IT projects including development of the warehouse management system (WMS), salary review portal, car rental app, service and repair management module, etc.

Archer's Clients - Volvo

Android App for Car Manufacturer

Android application for Volvo clients allowing them to easier engage with the manufacturer and its dealers as well as to stay in the loop of the company's updates

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