How it's done: Why is business analysis important in software development?

Archer Blog - Why is business analysis important in software development
Business Analysis has been getting more wide-spread over the last decade due to the growing complexity and scale of the software development projects and a tendency to outsource development to distributed teams all over the globe. It becomes crucial when you are dealing with new ideas and market niches as you need to validate your assumptions with the real users at the lowest cost possible before you're getting into actual coding.

In our fourth episode of How it's done: Our Approach to Software Development, Larisa Zhmak, Senior Business Analyst in Archer covers the basics of business analysis: techniques and approaches, common challenges and important milestones to track to make sure your business analysis team is doing a great job:

  • 0:41 How do you explain Business Analysis?
  • 2:06 What is the purpose of Business Analysis?
  • 3:08 What exactly does Business Analyst do?
  • 5:12 Business Analysis Techniques - Stakeholder Interview
  • 9:17 Business Analysis Techniques - Requirements Workshop
  • 13:04 Business Analysis Techniques - Benchmarking & Market Analysis
  • 14:37 Business Analysis Techniques - Prototyping
  • 15:39 Business Analysis Techniques - Functional Decomposition
  • 16:58 Business Analysis Techniques - Non-Functional Decomposition
  • 17:30 Business Analysis Techniques - Scenarios and Use Cases
  • 18:29 Business Analysis Techniques - User Stories
  • 19:52 How do you measure Business Analyst work?



Share the assumptions you want to test, concerns you want to eliminate and financial numbers you need to verify, and our Business Analysts team will get you covered!

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