What to expect and how to get prepared for the economic recession?

Archer blog - What to expect and how to get prepared for the recession?
It is obvious already that after the coronavirus is defeated the world will have to face another fight - the business one. Distributed software development teams have been probably more prepared for these challenges than most of the industries.

Webinar's Agenda:

Setting up processes, routines, and infrastructure for remote employees management

  • How does online team management differ from offline?
  • How to facilitate adopting new processes for the employees?
  • How to make sure your infrastructure doesn't fail?

Managing the distributed team's morale

  • Techniques to build the corporate culture and team spirit
  • Effective ways to boost remote employees morale
  • How to incentivize distributed teams without office parties?

Business analysis and pivoting in times of crisis

  • Where do you find business opportunities to survive through a recession?
  • Tools and approaches to company's resources evaluation
  • Gap-analysis for crisis management

Decreasing costs, increasing the value of your product

  • The right way to cut your budget to boost your business
  • Developing a backup plan for a longer and steadier cash flow
  • How to get rid of the dead load in your processes and boost performance

Hiring in-house vs outsourcing under tight budgets

  • How to hire, onboard and train remote people joining the team?
  • Estimating the costs of hiring vs outsourcing and locally vs overseas

Overcoming the differences in culture, language and time

  • Communication is key: how to ensure understanding within the team
  • Mitigating conflicts and risks in communication


Brian Katz - VP Business Development, Archer Software

The leader in technology sales and business development for 15 years, has worked for start-ups to enterprise-level companies across industries, has successfully managed remote teams both domestically and internationally

Vlad Tutov - Senior Project Manager, PMP, Archer Software

Project and product manager (7+ years) with a technical background (software development, 5 years), experienced in PMBoK, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Management 3.0

Dmitriy Kostaryev - Project Manager, Archer Software

Project manager (10 years +) with sales experience, Kanban, Scrum, Lean, working with different types of projects, especially with remote and distributed teams in web software development, IoT, equipment, etc.

Karen-Marie Kragelund - Change Management Expert, KmK & Partners

Expert in cross-cultural and cross-functional transformation and change management with an emphasis on driving continuous improvement, enabling transparent communication, and facilitating organizational and team development, brings 20+ years of experience working with Eastern Europe and 10+ years of leadership experience, including several service and software development companies.

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