Bicovery. Control your recovering process

Bicovery. Control your recovering process.

We help patients to control their treatment and live through the disease crisis smoother, socialize and recover faster with the power of technology.


  • Sleep quality
  • Level of physical activity
  • Stress level over time
  • Manic/depressive episode patterns


  • Recognize behavior patterns
  • Improve ML models as amount of data grow
  • Send smart notifications when recognize negative changes
  • Provide statistical data to physicians and research institutes

With the Bicovery service you would get:

  • warning if crisis is about to happen (for a patient or caregiver)
  • decreased treatment cost and length (for a patient or caregiver)
  • more data to create and control precisive medication plans (for phisician)
  • more data to improve medications and treatment methods (for research institute or pharma company)