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Mar 30
Sci-Fi Writers Predictions vs 2020 Technologies Reality
Science fiction is considered fiction until it becomes reality. Many of today’s technological innovations were first scribed in books published over the past century or so.  Should we be reading today’s science fiction to find out what new technologies we can expect to surface in the future? We decided to take a look at how science fiction writers of the last century or so imagined the future, and compare their ideas with the current reality.
Mar 24
Mitigate Security Risks of Face, Voice, and Speech Recognition
Facial and voice identification are being utilized in almost every industry including healthcare, fintech, and education, to name a few. Facial recognition is an AI-based technology that can identify and verify people’s identities by analyzing their facial contours. Biometric authentication technology is another amazing technology that uses voice recognition software to identify a person by his or her unique vocal attributes.
Mar 17
computer vision and deep learning
Computer vision companies develop computer vision platforms and models that can acquire, process, analyze and understand digital images. The aim of a computer vision system is to generalize and realize patterns and relations based on training data and to perceive and understand visual data automatically.
Mar 02
software development lifecycle
Have you ever wondered how the software you order from a company is designed, developed and tested? Today we are going to talk about the most popular Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) models and define the business analyst (BA) and system analyst (SA) roles in software development.
Feb 24
Best Car Dealer Software
Car sharing is booming,  as some consumers move away from buying a car in favor of saving the environment.. However, many people still want or need a  car for a variety of reasons. For some, it means basic convenience and mobility regardless of third-party services available, and for others a car can be a status symbol.   
Jan 23
Testing Your Business Model
Technology and innovation have spurred great business opportunities. However, the market environment is also changing under their influence. Users, in turn, have also become more demanding of businesses and brands they patronize and use tools for these purposes. It is no longer possible to satisfy audiences with solutions created using simple app builders.
Dec 18
Several years ago, experts began questioning the existence of banks in the future, due to fierce competition with fintech startups and non-financial companies. But in reality, bright prospects are on the horizon for banks, but only for those that, in the next few years, will be able to accept the revolutionary challenge of two main trends: client-centrism and modern technology. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is one of them, and in this article, we will explain the challenges of its implementation and possible ways to overcome them. 
Dec 11
Need blockchain
Blockchain has recently become one of the most frequently used words in numerous industries. The potential of this cryptocurrency technology to transform business, finance and value exchange is truly impressive. But can blockchain be a solution to the ills of other industries? There’s been a lot of buzz around blockchain these days, but very few people understand it in depth. We’ll try to help you separate the truth from the hype – whether this technology can help your business and whether it is worth trying to apply it to your business.