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According to a recent study, while there is a lot of interest in flexible and wearable tech, connected cars are the favorite in customers interests for 2015. In fact, more than half of respondents would like to see electric vehicles in common use soon. About 61 percent either own or plan to have a smart car.

But customer’s demands come with their own Pros and Cons. Some of the potential problems can be solved easily, but other obstacles are stumbling blocks that prevent the average customer from buying a connected vehicle right now.

Of course, the common problems between both IoT devices and Connected cars are security issues. The best way to minimize security risks for designers and architects to build connected cars security solutions into their Connected Cars systems as a core design requirement outlined. Connected Car systems should above all things include new security capabilities that prevent potential hackers from analyzing Connected Cars’ software.  The other features setting up the future of connected cars and IoT are providing security software a continuous modification detection capability and safe networks technology design.

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Many drivers can lose their nerve when buying a connected car because of its price. Sure additional services built-in can increase the cost of a smart car, but it also improves its infotainment features. Connected cars are considered a part of the luxury segment. But they are expected to drop in price in the next few years.

There are many advantages in fully remote-control technology implemented in connected vehicles. Some of the infotainment apps include parking management and control, vehicles locating, pre-set tour routes and emergency support if there is an accident. But since car manufacturers expect vehicles to become mobile platforms (mobile phone on wheels), we may soon get location-based ads on smart car dashboards, such as where the nearest fuel stations are, or even suggest a better-priced restaurant for lunch. Experts' prognosis is that the connected car technologies market will triple up to €122.6 billion by 2021.

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There is no single standard for connected cars. Each standard varied from vehicle to vehicle. But different connected cars operating on different standards make communication between those vehicles complicated. Having lawmakers select a standard and requiring everyone to adopt it may not be the best approach. The market is typically capable of deciding between competing standards without government intervention. But there is value in stimulating the automotive industry to coordinate on its own in creating open standards that are usable on many different platforms or, at the very least, not counter to internal industry efforts on the issue. The EU has already invested more than €180 million to help develop the standards for cooperative transport systems and European standards organizations report a basic set of standards fully completed.

Archer Software is a recognized provider of embedded software solutions for connected cars. Additionally, we have a strong base of expertise in developing mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, including geolocation and geopositioning services. 

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