2015 Connected Car Trends

The connected car market is developing rapidly, and in the process adapting to and adopting new ideas and concepts. The explosive pace of the market’s expansion makes it all the more important to keep abreast of developing connected-car trends in order to both attract new clients and ensure the satisfaction of current ones.


With that in mind, let’s investigate what we theorize will be some of the major connected-car trends in 2015.


1. Big Data

The amount of data collected by connected cars continues to grow exponentially. This information will prove extremely useful when it comes to learning more about driving behaviors and habits, and could even play a large role in the future design and development of new vehicle models. Thus, attention should be paid to the storage of connected-car data and its security.


2. Mobile Apps

Approximately 60% of internet traffic is now served on mobile devices. Overlooking this fact could lead to major losses of potential customers and, therefore, revenue. The idea of using mobile apps to inform our driving experience has led to the development of dozens of mapping, weather forecasting, and route-guidance programs.


3. Fuel Efficiency

Applications promoting fuel economy can help drivers rely less on traditional fuels and make positive changes in their driving habits. Such applications show drivers in real time how different behaviors affect fuel consumption graphically and numerically via dashboard-mounted displays. Although the ultimate sources of fuel consumption are traditional-reducing vehicle weight, shifting gears appropriately, making sure tire-pressure is optimized-such displays help foster the awareness necessary to produce savings.


4. Monitoring Beginning Drivers

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death amongst teens in the U.S. Though parents will never be able to exert total control over their teen drivers, the development of applications capable of placing restrictions on vehicle speed, trip duration, and final destination could save thousands of lives every year. Such software could also help improve the driving habits of teens via notifications and tips visible on a dashboard-mounted display.


5. Route Navigation

When renting a car, many drivers face the dual problem of getting used to an unfamiliar car and an unfamiliar place. Software applications allow drivers to plan future trips, thereby alleviating some of the pressure introduced by travelling through new terrain. Connected-car technology lets users monitor weather, flight, and traffic information, as well as to chart upcoming gas stations and convenient places to rest. The outcome is a more pleasant, less stressful driving experience.


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