8 Reasons to Develop a Mobile App for High School

What do we know about students’ life? It’s full of lectures, seminars, laboratory and practical classes. This kind of load requires basic attention and thinking intensification. In addition to that, mental load increases each time students take the next course. They start to study more and more. That’s why it would be a great idea to have an assistant around who will always know all about the schedule, classes, exam dates, etc. We are talking now about mobile apps for schools and colleges.


Let us consider what are the main reasons and benefits of school mobile app development.


It’s Time To Plan


School and college mobile apps can take over the functions of planning. Students’ life is eventful. In order not to lose sight of the business, students can write everything down in a handy app and constantly check the information when it’s necessary. Remind system will tell what to keep in mind and to-do list will always be at hand.


Students are the most active part of modern society, they have a lot to do. But due to a basic forgetfulness, they forget to do up to a 40% of their everyday plan deals. High school mobile application for students can be a very useful tool for the efficient organization of daily tasks and educational process.


Just imagine, the whole learning process is in the app. All the classes can be categorized, marked. Students can set priority for the most important tasks. Lectures schedule, seminars, workshops - well, this isn’t a notebook but a smartphone. From now it is impossible to forget about the forthcoming essay.


The application can even track all student’s marks and be a communication tool for parents of the students if any organizational matter arises during the learning process.


To Read or Not To Read


Students always read a lot - educational texts (which are specified by the learning program) and fiction literature. College mobile app can turn tablet or a smartphone into an e-book or audio book, where all the college library is collected.


College mobile app can also provide an opportunity for students to send their homework directly to teachers or to ask teacher about important literature to read. App can also have an access to a school library in order to provide students with the information for final examinations.


Wake-up Call


Sometimes it is harder to wake up than to solve the most complicated math problem. Well, yes we already have an alarm clock. But what is the main problem of such devices? They simply don’t work the way they should. People just snooze them down and go back to sleep. Built-in alarm clock in college app can be turned off only under certain conditions. For example, student needs to gather the puzzle or to solve arithmetical problem.


For those who particularly gets a little sleepy, app can offer 2 or 3 levels more in order to snooze. As a consequence, in such situation, brain starts to work and energy comes with it (the day will surely be productive). As for settings of the wake-up call, student can select needed mode of operation or to see how much does he need to sleep to stay in a good state of health.


App can not just wake up a student, but also schedule sleep, calculate the number of hours which he (student) spent asleep and note when he didn’t get enough sleep.



Students are constantly having to use search engines. They are looking for the background information most of all. They also look for the additional information right on the lectures. So here arises a need for a search engine, which won’t show a lot of pages but encyclopedic information only.


Search service needs to give a precise answer to a direct question or to give an answer along the particular keywords. Certainly it will be convenient to embed reference service, which will provide useful information on specific subjects:

  • history;

  • physics;

  • chemistry;

  • mathematics;

  • biology;

  • and many other sciences.


For school chemists, app can offer periodic table of the elements, a table of polyatomic ions etc. For college students can be useful guides with mathematical formulas, trigonometric functions, logarithms, tables and integrals.

Algebra, zoology, astronomy - anything is in the public domain.


Foreign dictionaries useful to students of any specialty and not only during studying process, but also when traveling abroad. And it is important to always keep it at hand. Students-linguists will need more extensive set of words, for sure, as well as mother tongue dictionaries with the function of word definition, synonyms and antonyms search. Students can mark the words in app to always keep the list of the favorite ones.


One more great feature is an online foreign language course. When you select a task app offers you a certain amount of lectures depending on whether you need to learn to talk or just write a good presentation in a foreign language. All this would significantly expand the student's horizons and knowledge base.




Having a thick notebook while using a mobile device is nonsense. College mobile app can become a new outline for a student. With the help of such function user can record lectures, add photos, group them and provide geotags.


In addition, it is possible to synchronize all the information with the cloud services, so student can use data on the computer or any other device. Let us be honest – paper notebook is not reliable “device” because you can leave it in the classroom or in the cafe. With a college app there is no way to lose notes. Besides, if the student does not have time to take notes, he can use the built-in voice recorder to record a lecture.


Built-in voice recorder is initially present in every smartphone, but sometimes it is really difficult to understand the record itself. One interesting feature college app can offer is to mark important pieces of the record while recording. User can even add notes, tags or pictures to certain parts of the audio, in order to quickly find needed piece of information.


App can also be granted with function of speech recognition. A student can pronounce phrase and see how it appears on the screen of the smartphone. It will be useful for those who is in a hurry, or who prefer to talk rather than write.



Portable Scanner


We all scan documents and the student community isn’t an exception. They scan tickets, sketches, projects, books pages, class schedules and more. It would be nice to have a portable scanner in the pocket, doesn’t it? App can turn a smartphone into a device that will help you to scan every document you need. Any document can be scanned, automatically cropped, scaled and converted to PDF-file. Then the scanned documents can be sent by e-mail or transferred via Bluetooth.




Teamwork became a commonplace for students. In this case, people need a universal tool, with the help of which team can create topics, notes, and establish web connection inside the team.


Projects may contain supporting information: attachments, links and notes. Students can make a map of the project based on the ideas of brainstorming and then put different data (audio, video, graphics, documents, e-mail addresses website links) over these ideas.


The application can allow not only to open and edit documents but work on them together with classmates. If user shares files with other people, they will be able to open or edit it from their devices. For example, it is necessary to summarize results of a teamwork. In this case, it would be convenient to check not only yours part of work but also to find out what have been already done by other teammates.


Worldwide Studying


There are many students who are interested in studying at the foreign colleges and universities. Mobile application would allow those students to stay informed about all actual online courses, interesting foreign programs and their prices. The database also can store thousands of lectures on various topics and in several languages.


Make a Mobile App for High School!


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