Android Marshmallow: New Features and Compatibility Issues

The sixth version of Android finally got an official name: Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In addition, it published the final version of the Android SDK, which supports the new features of the latest Android operating system.


The main improvements between versions 5 and new android update - version 6 are in safety, privacy and extending the battery life of devices. So here are new features of Android Marshmallow:

Security based system

With the increase in the number of biometric sensor manufacturers, Android had to implement their own way to use these different systems. Integration with biometrics will use a new system API to unlock the screen, work with sensors for third-party applications, regardless of the model of the smartphone. Also, purchases in the Google Play store and authorization with one touch will finally be a reality.


Software manufacturers no longer have to open up their own API or customize the code for each new smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, scanner, iris or DNA analyzer.

Privacy and permits for applications

Now when installing a particular program, you will be shown a list of what the application will be able to do - for example, see the list of contacts, or send/receive SMS. From this list, you can decide whether the application will have access to recent calls, contact list and send SMS, or not. You will be able to choose permissions for each application that is installed.

Android Pay

In this release the built-in mobile payment system, Andoid Pay allows you to create virtual credit cards, linking available cards to pay for items in stores (via NFC and system Paypass / payWave) and online quickly and safely using biometric authentication.


Battery life on smartphones depends heavily on the hardware and how the phone is used rather than on the operating system. To increase the battery life, Android M will use a new algorithm for Doze, which reduces power consumption and pauses background services, if your device does not move for a long period of time.

But there are some Android Marshmallow compatibility Issues we should take into account like battery life problems; charging problems; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems; data problems; low performance issue; app problems; random reboots. Android Marshmallow compatibility solutions are simple and obvious: you should just reboot the system, turn off and on the function that doesn’t work properly.


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