Archer is announcing the launch of a new educational project – Archer IT Academy. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the development process, to learn through practice with highly qualified specialists that have many years of experience, and to receive technical support from mentors.

The course is led by some of the best Archer Software experts and IT Academy teachers, Roman Abolmasov and Dmitry Sadchikov. Both leaders participated in the development of the training for the academy.


When and why did the idea of ​​launching Archer IT Academy arise, and what was the main reason?


The idea of ​​launching Archer IT Academy came about last year. The main reason was our desire to share our teams’ knowledge and practical experience, and most importantly, to help young professionals understand and improve their efficiency in the logic of development processes. It’s no secret that it’s hard to find good personnel for IT departments, so we decided to prepare the next generation of IT personnel ourselves.


Training with Archer IT Academy is 70% of the experience the Academy offers. The training is done alongside the teams on current projects, focusing on analyzing challenges that will naturally arise for young professionals in the real world. We are ready to teach technical nuances and improve qualifications so that young people can more easily integrate into the development process, not only at our company, but also at other leading companies in the region, Ukraine, and all around the world.


Based on the above-mentioned lack of quality personnel, and our own experiences working with Canadian, British, and German companies, there are often complaints about untrained professionals, and the question arises: Why do junior and mid-level developers have poor technical experience? Our answer: because they do not understand development processes and interactions within a development team. That’s why we want to share our 7 years of experience and our key development skills – preparation and direction, and how to approach communicating with companies, customers, and one’s own team.



Details about the project team – who are the mentors, what is their work experience, and why Archer?

Archer has been working exclusively with highly qualified specialists for over 19 years, and we have a substantial team. Roman and Dmitry have common expertise, but Dmitry is focused on architectural solutions and configuration, and Roman on cutting edge technologies. Depending on what requirements develop during the project, the group of mentors can be supplemented and changed. At the moment, the company is ready to teach C#, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, along with all their corresponding frameworks.

For more than 7 years, Archer has managed to meet the needs of startups backed by Y Combinator, organizations with vertical management and legacy codebases, and even more unique cases. We’ve tackled a large number of projects in various fields. We’ve looked at the market and at development from different perspectives and are eager to share our experience with new learners.


Will the company take on graduates to work, and what are the requirements?

Yes, Archer will provide graduate work opportunities. If, after the expiry of the preparation period (3 months), an individual has successfully learned the material and has passed quality control on our part, then he or she will be able to contact the HR department and get a job without a second interview. If a person lacks experience in some areas of a project, we will try to teach him or her within a few weeks of on boarding.

Now, 12 young developers have already signed up for the course. The first group’s courses will start in May, and the second group will start in June. We look forward to engaging with students and anticipate positive learning outcomes. The Archer Software team is ready to admit talented and promising employees to our staff from Archer IT Academy.