International Conference on Business Outsourcing and Software Development

On November 29th, Archer Software Owner and President Alexey Tulin took part in an international conference on business outsourcing and software development in Kiev


The conference attracted dozens of IT-company owners, managers, and sales executives eager to discuss the big issues in outsourcing and development today. Among these, the topics that drew the most attention and comment were: implementing sales plans and methodologies, managing fast-growing companies in an emergency situation, and influencing government policies regarding the IT industry.


The conference was held in a friendly atmosphere in which all of the participants gladly shared their ideas, solutions, and experience.


Our president’s contribution to this genial gathering was a presentation outlining short-term strategies for identifying and reducing revenue losses in the IT industry. According to Mr. Tulin, reducing inefficiencies begins with their identification-a process which itself requires knowhow and determination. In the centerpiece of his presentation Mr. Tulin outlined Archer Software’s own financial and analytical systems for measuring a series of 4 key performance criteria: efficient use of resources, effective pricing, the best CPI, and smart billing. The Archer Software president gave his audience examples of reports based on this financial an analytical system, and shared insights about how to use the information they contain with maximum efficiency.


Sharing experience, ideas, and insights is a great way to positively impact a company’s workflow. That’s why Archer Software strives to play an active role in major IT conferences around the globe.