Yesterday we were announced to be listed among the 20 Most Promising Automotive Tech Solution Providers 2016 by CIOreview technology magazine!


From first V8 engines to new driverless vehicles, automotive industry has developed rapidly over recent years. As the Automotive revenue pools increase, adding up to $1,5 trilliion, driven by shared mobility, connectivity services and feature upgrades, we in Archer Software are proud to enter this list of most promising providers. Archer Software is a recognized developer of automotive diagnostic software for connected cars as well as mobile apps for car owners.




The connected car market is developing rapidly, and in the process adapting to the new ideas and concepts. The explosive pace of the market’s expansion makes it all the more important to keep abreast of developing connected-car trends in order to both attract new clients and ensure the satisfaction of current ones.


Classic OEMs are facing the challenge - to design modern vehicles which in addition to aligning with industry regulations also need to provide consumers a seamless experience. CIOreview: “A veteran in the industry, Archer Software - a premier software development firm - is well positioned to help these firms tackle the issues. The company uses advanced technology to provide reliable, energy-efficient and secure connected car solutions.”


Our customers are OEMs and tier1 service providers like Renault, Volvo, Greenroad and others that leverage the power of IT to bring innovations to drivers and passengers. The software is actually more important part than an OBD device when turning a vehicle into smart car. Head Unit Applications for car infotainment systems can be built in-house by OEMs or more commonly outsourced to tier-1 suppliers.


We have a great deal of expertise with mobile, web, embedded, and UX/UI development. We build Telematics and ADAS software, helping clients creating prototypes, retail and infotainment automotive applications.


Based on drivers behaviour and utilizing the latest telematics technologies, we deliver comprehensive solutions for tracking vehicles and analyzing and improving drivers' performances. Archer Software's advanced reporting and feedback options help the end users improve operational efficiency and safety. The end users experience significant reduction in fuel consumption, insurance (UBI, Usage Based Insurance) and maintenance costs.


In embedded technology sector, we work with a clients and programming projects on building a specific application for monitoring and examining the cars of the major OEMs.


“We focus on developing the solution according to the client’s actual needs rather than providing ready-to-serve products” - says Archer’s CEO Alexey Tulin. We have plans on developing solutions based on Big Data analytics that analyzes behavior of the applications based on the existing patterns and will be focusing on working with a combination of different concepts like Big Data, mobile applications and integration with classic set of technologies like embedded back-ends and database analysis. “The  solutions’ pattern detects the behavior of the driver and if there is a change in behavior pattern, the client will be alerted that the driver is different” - adds Archer’s COO Alexander Sharko.