Archer's Growth’2015

Archer's Growth’2015
Jan 04

At the end of each year most companies recap all they have accomlished over the previous 12 months. This was a full and effective year for our company. We took part in several conferences on Healthcare, Automotive and the IoT. Our CEO presented a speech at the major Ukrainian event - Outsourcing people 2015.


Also we made long strides in prototype-based development. We bought an e-vehicle and held an open E-Car day in our office to come up with innovative new ideas to develop. And of course, we launched several apps for our prototype.


Nevertheless the success of the company cannot be measured simply by the events we participated in or apps we released. So we selected three indexes to determine whether the company operated successfully.


This year we successfully completed 20 large projects, such as Musketeer safety network, the virtual bank for kids Bankaroo, and the Room to care website.

There are 15 projects that are still in progress.


Also we compared the number of hours spent on development. Compared to 2013 this index rose 47% and compared to 2014, the number of hours increased  by 30 000.


As we had a lot of projects this year, we had to hire new developers to meet the increased demand. We added 29 freelancers and 40 developers in our staff.

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