Bots that Help Monitoring the Elder People

Robots are now ordinary things in healthcare. This robotics systems have been used in a huge part of surgeries, opening the way for greater initiation throughout the healthcare area. Many companies have introduced a number of tomorrow's technologies to give care to patients remotely, help with different physical therapies, and execute surgeries.


The University of Illinois roboticist recently got a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study the concept of designing little autonomous drones to carry out simple house actions, like taking a bottle of medicine from a next room. Scientists say that the idea might seem embarrassing to many, and they believe that drones will be safe and will become everyday helpers in elder care within several years.


An aging population will set a huge load on the world’s healthcare system by 2050, demographers say. Now 14 percent of the world’s population is older than 65, a great contrast with the 9% of the population that is less than 5 years old.


The number of people 60 and over is expected to more than double by 2050 and triple by 2100. The number of people 80 and above is expected to double by 2050 and increase more than in 7 times by the end of the century.


Loneliness is at epidemic levels among elders in the U.S. today. And it's time to use a variety of Internet-connected services to help aging clients stay more closely connected with family and friends.

Today technologies provide comfort, starting from smart-home sensors and mobile robots, there are a multiplicity of other opportunities to add stationary robots to give everything from training to communications.


There is a question if robots or virtual assistants with Internet communications, can help prevent the effects of aging, like amentia. Isolation is one of the most disagreeable problems for older adults, and there is proof that human contact can postpone intellectual recession.


Internet in tablet and smartphone systems are simplified for older adults, and a telephone system to help younger family members stay connected are created, emerging to help with care and staving off isolation.


We have already described robots that are changing healthcare and you can read how robots help to move supplies such as medication, linens and food from one space to another are another area where robots make a lot of sense. The robot moves through hospital corridors, elevators and departments at any time during the day to make either scheduled or on-demand deliveries. End users who don't have enough money for these robots usually take one hour loans. End users can attach the system to a variety of hospital carts to transport supplies and it can be employed for a variety of applications.


Over the past few years, new machines have been developed with the possibility to releive the physical tensions of elders. RT Works of Osaka developed the Encore Smart, an assisted walker that can take the elderly across straight locality. And last year Riken Institute and Sumitomo Riko Company in Nagoya released their latest Robear, a robotic nurse in the shape of a bear capable to lift gently a patient of up to 176 pounds and carry him a little.


But more promising than these limited robots, that clean people’s hair or clothes or watch for breath or move, are developing Hybrid Assistive Limbs, which make steady and increase the strength of the holder. These HALs react to electrical impulses in the skin without the need for actual movement, turn to be a powerful exoskeleton with a series of small movers. They can probably return the elderly their mobility and freedom.


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