electric car charging


Many governments nowadays support and promote renewable energy solutions. As  pollutants such as petrol are becoming less available and more costly, electric cars are becoming the future of the automotive world.

From the customer’s side, increased interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) is based on many factors:  lower running costs, environmental sustainability, improved safety and practicality.

However, the challenges faced by the electric-car market may prohibit this segment not only from faster growth but also from conquering  new national markets.



The biggest limitations for widespread use of electric cars revolve around the public charging infrastructure and the length of time it takes to recharge.

For the majority of EV models, the driving range before needing to recharge is around 100 miles.  Since the average American drives less than 40 miles every day, a 100-mile range should be enough in most cases. At the same time, for drivers whose commutes exceed 100 miles or 200 miles per day, or for those who need to take long road trips, a well-developed network of public and rapid-charging stations is crucial.

Finding  nearby charging points quickly can be challenging for EV drivers.

Connecting EV drivers with the infrastructure is a very important task that will greatly assist and support wider use of electrical vehicles. It will give EVs a greater advantage over conventional cars.



Suppliers endeavor to create mobile platforms that facilitate this niche.

In the near future, mobile applications will allow drivers to identify locations, types and availability of charging points, book a near-by charging station for a certain time and navigate the driver to the station. The mobile solutions integrated with the car’s control unit will allow drivers to find all stations available considering their driving mode and the charge of the battery remaining.

Another desired option for EV owners is the ability to track remotely the condition of their car’s battery while it is being charged.


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