Intelligent Automation for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance in New York, 29-30 Jan

Archer Software has opened its 2019 networking season during a special event, organized by IQPC and dedicated to the Intelligent Automation technologies and challenges for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance that took place in Andaz Wall Street in New York City on January 29-30.

The centerpiece of an extended discussion between executive-level speakers and attendees was the Intelligent Automation, its up-and-coming implementation across the banking and insurance industry and possible impact on daily corporate routines as well as new business opportunities.

Technologies such as RPA, AI, Machine learning, Cognitive, Deep learning & others can offer superior quality and optimization, improve transaction processing performance at lower costs, and increase processing transparency, as well as service and business intelligence.

Panel sessions covered some key aspects of the Intelligent Automation that require focused attention when being integrated into the existing corporate IT landscape:

  • How to develop a long-term IA strategy?
  • Where should your IA programs sit in your business, IT, Shared Services, process improvement, or other business units?
  • Who to partner with along the IA journey and in what capacity?
  • How to build an effective Agile roadmap to ensure the success of the IA program?
  • What IA software is available now and in the near future?
  • How to use IoT like, Smart Homes, Wearables, Connected Cars,ƒ GPS trackers, and other financial smart technologies to enhance customer delivery?
  • How to recruit and retain top IA talent considering the fierce market demand?


Based on many years of successful IT projects delivery, we know exactly how important the strategic partnerships are to ensure smooth integration of the cutting-edge technologies without damaging the existing corporate digital ecosystems, especially when it comes to banking and insurance companies. Today, everyone can relate to the digital revolution, because more and more young people are appearing among potential clients of banking and insurance companies, and we understand that digital transformation has matured in this global group.

A reliable partner covering research, system architecture, business logic, hardware connectivity, technical documentation, QA and continuous delivery, as well as parts of the project that could be sensitive from a technological and business perspective, allows financial organizations fulfill their strategic IT plan faster and with fewer efforts and risks.

Archer Software team appreciates the opportunity to participate in such a comprehensive discussion of the challenging and inspiring future of the US and global fintech.

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