Malta AI&Blockchain Summit

At the end of May 2019, our team was excited to take part in one of the largest global events devoted to AI, Blockchain and other emerging technologies - the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit. The two-day event welcomed an impressive 5500 participants from all over the world enabling the intensive opportunities for all AI and Blockchain enthusiasts.


After enormous success in 2018, this year AI & Blockchain Summit amazed our team on a whole new level:

  • the star experts and speakers covering the burning issues of the AI, blockchain and cryptocurrency markets,
  • a staggering number of global tech leaders and influencers brought together in a live and dynamic discussion, sharing insights and expertise,
  • a large exhibition with 150 companies representing the cutting-edge technologies and ideas that will disrupt how many different industries operate in a very short while,
  • and, of course, the hospitality and support from the organizers and the Maltese government who made every effort to make global guests feel comfortable at the event.



Archer’s team had a marvelous opportunity to meet, discuss partnerships and make new friends, which we enjoyed to the fullest.


Having delivered over the past years a number of projects with AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, we duly appreciate events like this, as only 2 days at the Malta AI&Blockchain summit make an incredible impact on the whole industry, boosting its development and growth by simply giving its leaders space and time to brainstorm, talk and listen to each other.


We are happy to be a part of the global tech community, contribute to it and observe how joint efforts of thousands of people from different parts of the world will define a new and better future for millions and millions more.