Mobile World Congress 2015

As you may probably know, last week Mobile World Congress’15  took part at Barcelona, Spain. This mobile world congress is not just a mobile phone event, but a computer & software event, and affects not only telephony, but every single area of Business in the world. The name of the Mobile World Congress should eventually reflect that change of object of the Congress.


The topic of connected cars is also revealed on this conference. Cars are expected to be the next Mobile environment and there is a big development around connected cars.


So here are the latest news from the congress:


Volvo cars presents a system to connect cars to roads and cities.

Currently, Volvo Cars explores a number of means of communication between cars, which are provided through the data gathered by vehicle systems, and is transmitted through the Volvo Cloud. In cities with advanced technologies such road infrastructure will improve traffic flows through the optimization of traffic lights and speed limits, offering drivers to detour routes congestion, using the information received in real time.

The system can alert drivers in real time about dangerous stretches of road or emergency braking of vehicles while moving. In the future, the road infrastructure can use connected to a single network means of road lighting to illuminate the slippery road sections in a different color: the system will receive information on such sites from one car to warn other road users of the dangers on the road. 

Currently a pilot project is held in Sweden and Norway, and the number of cars in the framework of the project has reached 1,000.


Qualcomm, Huawei and some other hardware companies presented their new Automotive modem chips.

The connection speed is expected to be more than 100Mbps.

The appearance of Wi-Fi in Infotainment cars became a popular trend. A permanent Internet access will make the trip not only less boring, but also much more secure, because all of the information about the location of the car and its state can be transmitted, for example, by rescue services.


Visa tests connected car payments. 

Visa offers to pay for online services using integrated into the dashboard of the connected car, allowing consumers to order food from the car. Interactive Voice Control (IVR) will be used to enable consumers to make a car purchase. For example, for the connected car Pizza Hut will offer in-car access to the menu, delivery, and its variants, as well as testing in the restaurant alerts team members when a customer's car arrived. Accenture has developed the application and integration of multiple technologies to work.


Cisco Systems recently announced that AT&T plans to launch a virtual solution, mobile networking technology to support connected cars users.

AT&T, connected car platform now has the ability to connect to a home security and automation service company, AT&T Digital Life. This will enable automakers to integrate services home security and automation to enable clients to manage their home from the application Digital Life from the control panel of the dashboard and express recognition of their cars.


Stay tuned to the latest updates from MWC. Meanwhile you can check our Automotive portfolio here and let us know how we can help you to provide connected car technology to your Business. Please contact us via e-mail for more information.