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Feb 05

Have you ever been stuck in a doctor’s waiting room for hours? Or have you had to wait long to get a doctor’s advice? We bet, you have. In today’s dynamic and digitalized world, people prefer booking doctor appointments online via a medical appointment booking app and, if it’s not an emergency or there is no doctor nearby, online consultations.

How can you book a visit to a doctor in the most convenient way? Millions of people tend to use their mobile devices to simplify their daily life. No wonder that the easiest way to get a doctor appointment is to use a specialized doctor appointment app which can find a doctor nearby, read reviews, and book appointments. Some of those apps also embed features such as text chats or video consultations, push notifications and reminders.

Do you want to know how a doctor appointment app can benefit businesses and patients?

Online doctor booking makes it easier for your patients to find the professional they need and have the visit at the most convenient time. This can reduce no-show rates and save money, both yours and your patients’. SCI Solutions data says that «each open, unused time slot costs a physician $200 on average." This results in $150B in missed appointments each year.

The option to search for a doctor allows patients to find a doctor they can easily get to, saving time. There’s no need to waste it in a waiting room. This option can be very valuable for senior citizens who are limited in their mobility.

A doctor review feature allows patients to choose a doctor they trust and gives your facility a good chance to leverage their reputation. One study shows that highly rated or highly respected doctors can reduce the market concentration of the E-consultation market.

Online booking and consultations can be particularly valuable for remote and underserved areas like telehealth, which are a growing trend in the US healthcare industry.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Interested in the idea of developing a doctor appointment application? This article will give you some insight into how to build a doctor appointment app which will have all the necessary features and suit the needs of your business best.

What Are the Key Features of a Mobile App for Doctors Appointments?

In the market, there is a wide range of mobile apps for doctor appointments offering various sets of features varying from simple mobile apps to complex platforms. But as a rule, such apps consist of two parts — for patients and for doctors which are linked to each other via admin panel.

The patient’s part usually can include the following features:

  • patient page
  • sing in/sign up page
  • user profile
  • appointment booking option
  • doctor location tracking option
  • chat option built in the app
  • in-app call option
  • EMR option
  • in-app tracker for prescriptions and medications
  • payment option
  • review option.

The doctor’s part includes:

  • doctor page
  • doctor profile
  • appointment status check option
  • appointment accept/rejection option
  • schedule edit option
  • chat or video call option
  • online prescriptions

The exact set of features depends on your needs and can vary from app to app.

The Growing Market of Doctor Appointment Apps

Health insurance coverage is expanding and making it possible for doctors and their patients to use virtual consultations in providing care. According to IHS analysis, the number of video consultations between primary healthcare providers and their patients will double to 5.4 million by 2020.

In 2017 there were 325,000 mobile health apps available in App stores and healthcare providers now tend to get more engaged in medical mobile app development to offer patients new ways to get care in more convenient and efficient ways. The global mHealth market is expected to reach USD 111.8 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 44.2%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

The new technologies in the market are not limited to digital communications, computing, and storage. Up to date doctor appointment app development also involves a qualitative transformation in search tools, recommendation tools, and social network technologies.

The study mentioned above also reveals design elements which are important for successful apps such as doctor ratings (user feedback), articles contributed by doctors (i.e. blog feature), and consultation services (online representation).

Popular Doctor Appointment Apps in the US


ZocDoc is a popular app for booking online doctor appointments. It`s available all across the United States. Every month this app is used by over 6 million patients. Available on Android, iOS, Web. It implies a flat yearly fee of $ 3000 for doctors and offers the following features:

  • Booking appointments with over 50 different medical specialties, including dentists, primary care doctors, allergists, OBGYNs, dermatologists, family doctors, urologists, psychologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, optometrists, pediatricians and more
  • Reviews from patients
  • In-app reminders
  • Map for finding doctors in your insurance network
  • Search by specialties and conditions, like diabetes, obesity/weight loss, cancer, yellow eyes, bleeding, cysts, sore throat and more.

The pros of the app — you can make doctor appointments online and easy as the app is developed for rapid installation and marketing. The cons — not many doctors really use ZocDoc service as the service requires a 12-month contract to be paid up-front and it is hard to know if the doctor accepts your insurance. Moreover, the app scripts aren’t set-up to read system-specific data and sometimes this leads to double-bookings if the system fails to pick up all of the necessary data written in the PMS.


Doctor OnDemand app lets you see a doctor for a video consultation, have that doctor write you a prescription, or just get your questions answered. Doctor OnDemand has more than 1,400 state-licensed physicians in all 50 U.S. states. The fee is from $40 per consultation. Available on Android, iOS, Web. The core features are:

  • Online video consultations 24/7
  • Doctor search
  • Online doctor appointment scheduling
  • Patient data storage
  • Services with and without insurance
  • In-app payment for services
  • Doctor profile containing details such as degree, rating, etc.
  • Built-in map with pharmacies where you can buy prescription drugs

The pros of the app — you can easily schedule appointments right after you sign in, in any place you are at the moment; there’s a wide range of available doctors, including those who deal with mental health issues; the price tag is quite reasonable (the rate for medical doctors is $75 for a 15-minute appointment). The cons — the platform is not meant for emergency situations and communication faults will make you connect again and pay for another appointment.


HealthTap is an app and website that lets you have a virtual medical appointment with a doctor or just get your questions answered. Fee for online services is $44 per visit or HealthTap Prime membership for $99 per month. Available on Android, iOS, Web. Main features of the app are as follows:

  • Online video consultation
  • Text chat
  • In-app messages

The app has the following pros: easy to find and call a doctor. The platform offers several levels of medical advice: from access to its library of medical questions to online consultations. The cons according to user reviews are as follows: the patient is offered paid services first and only after that free services are offered; the fee is charged every time patient makes a call; the subscription service is not transparent for users.

What Are the Most Popular Features of Doctor Appointment App?

If you decided to create a doctor appointment app it’s well worth to decide upon the features your app will have. Here are some key features common to many popular doctor appointment apps:

  • Online doctor appointment, scheduling the appointment via calendar which shows the available dates and time for booking;
  • Doctor search by filters such as doctor location, specialty, rating, etc;
  • Doctor’s profile including the experience, certifications, place of work, languages spoken, available appointment schedule, patients’ feedback (rating), etc;
  • Push notifications, i.e. reminders about appointments for patients and the doctor;
  • Map showing doctors and medical facilities in the area;
  • Online consulting via text messages, video or audio;
  • Online medicine prescription;
  • Video appointment recording (can be good for patients who need to refresh in their minds doctor’s recommendations from time to time);
  • Doctor blog including articles and FAQs
  • Storage of medical records

Of course, you can enrich your app with other features which you believe can be helpful for your doctors and patients. At that, you should keep in mind that doctor appointment app development cost depends on the complexity and number of features on top of everything else.

So, how you can build a doctor appointment app? Let’s get to it.

Doctor Appointment App Developing Details

Bear in mind that any medical mobile app for the US market that stores or transmits Protected health information (PHI) of a patient must be in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Some apps are also regulated with HL7 standards. It should be mentioned that Archer Software’s HIPAA Expert certification is updated every year and we strictly follow all the rules and standards for PHI confidentiality.

The experience of our developer team shows that the technologies which are used for medical apps development are updated every 6 months. As a rule, when developing healthcare apps (e.g. MD Chat) we use such frameworks as Java, Python (Django in particular for admin part of the app), and Rails for Back End development; and React Native and Angular React for Front End development. AWS (Amazon Web Services) are often used for data processing and storage.

The average time frame for healthcare app development is 12 to 18 month depending on the features embedded and certification needed. Keep in mind that the time and cost to make a doctor appointment app is increased owing to overhead related to PHI storage and processing procedures. Maintaining security standards and ensuring the protection of sensitive personal data is a top priority for our developers' team when creating a HIPAA compliant medical app.

Medical appointment app development starts with defining what app you need and what your target audience is. Then you and the team of IT pros agree all your requirements to an app to make doctor appointment including the features you really need. For example, it will take over 8.000 man-hours to build an app featuring such options as online doctor appointment, medicine delivery, medical records storage, medicine reminders, and blog from health experts. The rough estimate of a price tag is about $300k. But it will take only 1.500 man-hours to build an app featuring online appointments, in-app reminders, and map for finding doctors in your location. In this case, your price tag will be around $50k. More information about development tips and app feature sets

The exact cost of the development depends on an hourly rate of your development team, a contract type and the complexity of your app. The price tag of your doctor appointment app will depend on the complexity of the app (i.e. the features you want to have) and the number of hours spent on its creation.

Contact us and our team of professionals will make an estimation of your app project and provide you with all the information you need.

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