Driverless Car Wishlist

Driverless Car Wishlist
Feb 05


Nowadays, a self-driving car is no longer considered to be a fantasy. Many companies, including Google, have announced projects connected with self-driving cars.


Given the fact that the age of driverless cars is upon us, it’s time to find out what customers really expect from them. A recent survey from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University showed interesting results, including the fact that less than 10% of respondents want their car to offer them a fresh cup of coffee while on the road.


The survey polled 1000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 70. 52% of those questioned said that they would prefer to use the time they usually spend driving for eating or using an electronic device like a laptop and/or smartphone.


The survey further showed that more men than women would prefer to use their travel time for working, while more women than men would use it for reading books or planning trips.


Both men and women agree that driverless cars should have automatic limits for speed and the number of passengers when children are inside the vehicle.


According to research from GFK, young drivers were generally more positive about self-driving cars than older ones. Indeed, about 71% of drivers under 44 reported feeling extremely positive about driverless cars. Older age groups are more likely to associate driverless vehicles with negative feelings like powerlessness, anxiety, and being trapped. No wonder that the percentage of people in this age group with positive feels about self-driving vehicles drops to 45%!


The safety of self-driving cars will play a major role in customer loyalty. Car manufacturers should use this issue as a method for winning over older, more risk-averse drivers.


The survey also revealed several misconceptions about driverless car technology. For instance, more than one third of respondents were surprised by the fact that they should avoid consuming alcohol while en route. Young people, somewhat less surprisingly, were so disappointed by this fact that the prospect of the driverless car lost some of its appeal.


Most respondents noted that the benefits of the driverless car are heightened safety, reduced costs, easier parking, and more free time. Of course, the concept of self-driving cars isn’t exclusively a question of technology. Before they are launched, major changes to transportation infrastructure will need to be implemented. Then there’s the fact that self-driving cars will need to be accepted by the public at large for the concept to really work.


Slowly but surely, the connected and driverless car is becoming a reality. Car manufacturers and software developers must work together to provide the best quality software for connected self-driving cars in order to prevent issues related to inconsistency and poor quality software.


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