Features of the Connected Cars

There is no doubt, that connected cars, compared to conventional cars, provide to their owners modern and convenient technology advancements that make their experience on the road better. The drivers who in average spend 2 to 3 hours per day in their cars do not want to be disconnected from the technology that they have gotten used to have at home and at work.


However, the real value of connectivity features is often substituted by marketing vision of service suppliers.  


Drivers were asked which features of the connected car they find the most necessary to have.


Safety and diagnostics services

Majority of the drivers take safety among the top priorities when making decision about buying the new car. The report from Telematica states that around 73% of the drivers want to have their cars empowered by additional safety and security-related services. For instance, connectivity-enabled car diagnostics helps detect the issues with the car precisely and reduce or eliminate unexpected crashes. Geo-fencing allows tracking the whereabouts of the car which might be useful in case with the young drivers.  Emergency alerts and roadside assistance services are traditional safety features popular among connected car owners.


Navigation services take the second place in the list of the most wanted features.

Having the interactive map that in addition provides you with the possible directions from point A to point B was good enough just several years ago. The modern navigation systems go much further.

The choice of the route and the driving time directly depends on not only the distance and road infrastructure. The volatile factors such as weather or traffic can affect the driver greatly.  Services that are enhanced by the real-time information about traffic and weather conditions, give the driver genuine visibility of the situation on the road.


Efficiency Control

Drivers expect modern cars to help them consume less fuel and to gain full control over their expenses. 45% of the drivers worldwide named this feature among the most important when choosing a new car. Connectivity significantly improves the feedback from the cars’ systems about fuel consumption and its correlation with the driving modes.  On arrival to their destination, the drivers should be able to see how much fuel was spent for the trip and how much the journey cost. The connectivity applications are also able to provide the drivers with recommendations on developing the optimal driving habits, be it less braking or lower speed.  


Usage-based Insurance policy

Over 40% of drivers say they like the idea where insurance companies let safe drivers pay less for their plan. Connectivity solutions enable automotive insurance companies to track driving behavior and performance. This will allow the insurance companies to reward safe drivers by lowering their premiums. Some large insurance companies have already been offering this option to their customers, which allows their customers to save around 10% on average.

Even though the features above are the most important for consumers to have, 80% of them said they are not ready to refuse from the other services like infortament or media kit. The  car owners prefer to have access to the full potential of connected technology.


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Sources: Report from Telematica