Kyiv office Archer

In response to increased customer demand for a local presence, Archer Software is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Kiev, Ukraine.

 The brand-new office  has been operating since July  1st, 2014.

“Archer’s goal is to best serve our customers," said Alexey Tulin, CEO at Archer Software. “Our new R &D office in Kiev provides additional business opportunities to both the customers and Archer Software, making it a win-win situation."


Kiev is the biggest IT hub in the Ukraine, with around 40 percent of the Ukrainian IT market share. This also means that the largest pool of IT talent is located there.


Customers’ projects sometimes require developers with very specific sets of skills. By opening the Kiev office, Archer Software expands the outreach to developers  and can better meet customers’ requirements.


Also, for those  customers who want to be able to visit the team of developers frequently,  the new location provides additional convenience and flexibility.


Archer Software is acknowledged as one of the best employers in the Ukraine, awarded with “Best IT Team-2010” and “Best IT Employer-2012” according to the DOU rating.  This is a result of the highest rate of employee satisfaction.  Providing the best social benefits and working environment allows Archer to employ the highest-quality IT professionals, like the ones at the Kiev office.