Events: HR Director Olga Ivanova Spoke at HR-IT 2014 Conference

Jun 26

HR-IT 2014 took place on May 22-23 in Kiev, Ukraine.  The 4th annual conference featured two days of live and online presentations, keynotes, roundtables and receptions. Over 160 attendees from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, USA, UK and Germany gathered in Kiev to discuss the hot topics in HR management for IT companies.


Events: HR Director Olga Ivanova Spoke at HR-IT 2014 Conference

Olga Ivanova, Director of HR, Archer Software. 


Olga Ivanova, HR Director at Archer Software, attended the event as a keynote speaker. In her presentation, “Perfect HR landscape”, Olga spoke about utilizing coaching practices to boost efficiency of HR professionals in IT industry. 


Olga said:

“It is important to create the environment that engages the specialist - not only for self-growth, but also to share their experience with other colleagues within and across the departments. There is always room for professional improvement, no matter how good you already are. ”


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