Facebook API update

Prevent Broken Experiences in Your Mobile Apps due to Facebook API update - Facebook Recommends Upgrading to v2.0+ Before December 25th


You may have already heard that Facebook announced major update of API dedicated to April 30th, 2015. Update will not have backward compatibility and for the apps that will works using older API version Facebook declares the possible problems like:


1. Crashes on login;

2. Errors caused by declined permissions;

3. Empty invite dialogs;

4. Degraded experiences due to dependencies on deprecated permissions, e.g. friends_*;

5. Errors caused by changes in Graph API response format.


According to Facebook own internal analysis the latency period of 90% the users to update the mobile applications is usually 80-140 days. 


So unless your business is ready for a significant percentage of your users likely to have broken experiences with the your app, Facebook officially recommends to start preparing the application updates to be ready for deploy by December 24th, 2014. 


You may find more detailed information here.


So if you decide to start working with upgrades - we will be happy to help with our skills and developers expertise.