Google's updates search results ranking policy. Non-mobile-friendly sites may be penalized.

Google's updates search results
May 22

As you may have heard, on April 21st, Google rolled out some significant changes to the way search engine results are presented. Mobile users who conduct searches using Google will find that the search engine results are sorted in a way that elevates mobile-friendly web sites and moves non-mobile-friendly sites down in the rankings.


Click here for details from Google about the changes.


To find out if your site is affected, we recommend that use Google’s mobile readiness tool by clicking here.


This could be a great point to make a step forward and get a mobility for your website if it is still not there. Our team has a good experience of both mobile adapted sites and full scale web mobile applications. And we will be happy to help if decide making this step to follow up Google’s new policy and increase a conversion from your mobile oriented audience.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, estimation or expertise via e-mail

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