You may have heard that ICO promotion has recently been banned by Google system. It was not a huge surprise since such popular giants as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter did the same thing first.


A lot of people are now concerned about development of their technological startups, promotion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, as well as searching for elaborate way of advertising. If you are curious about future of marketing for ICO, you should keep reading this article.


Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, is a way of attracting investments by selling the fixed amount of cryptocurrency units, tokens. Latter the way of ICO promotion through the internet has been relatively simple and clear. It was easy to present things by using contextual advertisement on Google and various sites in addition to pointing out key words.



Since the old ways didn’t work we are obliged to come up with a new ICO marketing plan. In this case there is a way: accept the rules and “play” by using more effective ways to promote an ICO like:

forums - Bitcointalk, discussions on Quora, LinkedIn groups where people exchange information on this topic;

ICO calendars -,, Cyber Fund, and so on;

online media - blogs, posts on social networks and forums.


One of the most powerful tool of ICO marketing is motion design. It gives you an opportunity to launch ICO with a message through video content on social networks. Using motion design as your ICO marketing strategy is far more efficient way to advance your product.


Firstly, sites like Youtube and Vimeo are trusted sources of target audience: they don’t block the video content with cryptocurrencies. Secondly, on these sites your content will be highly in demand with 100 % guarantee due to their large-scale coverage of the audience.



Advantages of motion design in a role of an ICO marketing instrument:

  • It’s up-to-date and enhanced mode of presenting information.

  • It is target-oriented: you not only hope passively for result but you have an opportunity “to aim” and “hit the target”.

  • Mix of visual and sound effects plus a pinch of creativity provides better perception of complex info.

  • The right person can’t pass by a personal message at least just out of curiosity.

  • Eventually it will be much more comfortable for potential clients to get in touch with you directly if necessary./span>



As you see, you mostly benefit from choosing motion design as a tool of ICO promotion. However, it’s worth saying that a considerable and high-quality video requires time and thinking up.


If you like the idea of motion promotion, our team of experienced motion designers will manage with its implementation. Feel free to contact and consult - just send us a message on We are looking forward to cooperating with you!