Build a Car Sharing Application

The world economic model gradually ceases to pursue the goal of maximum consumption and changes the development vector in the direction of sharing. The main idea of ​​this philosophy is that it is much more profitable to use one thing together. Car sharing is a classic example of this approach. If earlier this idea could be implemented only within a small group of people who have the ability to communicate quickly (for example, neighbors), then today everyone can take advantage of this opportunity. In this article, we will look at how to create a car sharing app, and start not only making money but also contributing to a new economy and conscious ecology.



Car Sharing Popularity

The popularity of car sharing will develop along with the consciousness of people who understand that global consumption will gradually lead the planet to total annihilation. Statistical data proves this directly.

Thus, making your contribution to the popularization of car sharing today, you have very promising development prospects.

Car Sharing Apps Types

  • Traditional or free-floating app for business. This is a traditional approach implemented by car sharing companies. The client of such a company can rent a car for short-term trips, and then leave it on special parking marked by a company sign. The USA has the most developed car sharing market according to this scheme.
  • Peer to peer car rental app. n this case, the owner of the car is a private person. Offers of this type can be found on aggregators where every person who has a car can lease it for a while when he does not use it.
  • Fractional solution. With this model, users will group together and use a car or fleet of vehicles as needed.
  • Personal car rental app. This concept is similar to p2p car sharing. In this case, the owner of the car or several cars can create an individual application and offer rental services to use his cars. Every user can rent a car from the owner directly.



Popular Solutions Examples

Here are five best rideshare, rental and carsharing apps that have gained the most popular among the users worldwide.

  • Getaround. This is a free application, users do not have to pay for account creation or subscription. It is necessary to pay only insurance to use the car.
  • CarRentals. This is an aggregator application for iPhone that allows the user to compare car rental deals and select the best within their location.
  • Skyscanner. This is a comprehensive application for travelers. It helps to book a flight, hotel, and car for one transaction, and for this, the user gets a good discount.
  • Avis. This is one of the most popular and one of the best car rental apps. It is not overloaded with unnecessary functionality but has almost a global coverage.
  • Car2Go. Сar to go allows the client to get complete information about available cars, free parking spaces, charge level or fuel level. Insurance and fuel are included in the rental price.

Target Audience Research

Sharing gets a boost in development largely due to its proximity to the values ​​of the Millennials. These people are not tied to material values. They are less than previous generations seeking to buy the traditional attributes of success, such as cars, real estate, luxury goods. For them, lifestyle, convenience, and impressions are more important than the fact of owning a thing. They have made car sharing, BlaBlaCar, Airbnb, media access services (such as Netflix) popular. This is the target audience for new apps like Uber and Lyft. And your application must also meet their core values. These are:

  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • quick search and service delivery;
  • reliability and safety;
  • flexibility;
  • reasonable price;
  • presence in social networks.

So, thinking about the features you need to realize in your rideshare or carshare solution, make sure you have taken these values into account to provide your app with recognition and positive feedback.  



Main Functions to Be Implemented

If you want to develop a car sharing application, you should think about the main features you want to realize in advance. Here is the list of the most popular functions that are must-have for carsharing solutions.

  • Registration;
  • User Account;
  • Car Search;
  • Maps;
  • Book a car;
  • Add to favorite;
  • Reviews;
  • Notifications;
  • Payments;
  • Admin panel.



Ways to Monetize Your Car Sharing App

  • Commission. This model is suitable if you want to create an application aggregator, which will contain many offers from companies and individuals. When a user wants to rent a particular car, you will receive a percentage of the amount he pays.
  • Subscription. This approach is suitable for the traditional car sharing model when customers use your cars all the time. You can also include fuel and insurance in the subscription price, or make it a separate expense item.

Safety: Points to Pay Attention To

For users of car sharing services, the main risks are associated with possible account theft. In this case, the attacker will be able to freely dispose of the car, which at this point, allegedly used by another person. Theft of an account can theoretically be carried out through the vulnerabilities and hidden features of mobile applications. Also, attackers can sell the driver's personal data on the black market. They are willingly bought by those who do not have the right to drive a car or who have been denied renting it. In addition, rented cars are sometimes dismantled and sold. In this case, the use of someone else's account allows the hijackers to hide their tracks. Finally, hacking an account, attackers can spy on the victim, steal items from the car’s cabin, or perform other illegal actions.

Since in this case, we are talking about the valuable property (car), personal and banking data, as well as about the life and health of drivers and passengers, the main task of the creator and owner of the application for carsharing is to securely protect user accounts and data.



How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Sharing App

The cost to develop a car sharing solution will be individual in every specific case. The main factors that form the price include:

  • the set of features you need to realize;
  • the technologies stack that is necessary to be used;
  • the type of app you want to develop;
  • the necessity to integrate an app with third-party services;
  • the budget limits.

In any case, our consultation is always free and this fact can not be changed by any circumstances. Feel free to get in touch with us and discuss your ideas for car sharing app development!