How to Build a Fitness Tracker App

Nowadays, technologies, which are involved in the healthy and activity rate tracking, develop much faster than medicine in its traditional sense. Health care industry, itself, is a very conservative one and it needs lots of studies, testing, approvals before the new technology is accepted. At the same time, fitness devices face no challenge of treading their path towards the final consumer.


The well-known consulting company Accenture did a research, according to which more than 40% of consumers around the world want to purchase different gadgets for monitoring their lifestyle activity.

It is obvious that the fitness industry is a promising area, including for mobile applications developers. That’s why today we will try to give a few tips on how you can build your own fitness tracker app.


Fitness Tracker App Development. Where to Start?


It all starts with the idea. Let's say you have a fitness tracker, which is associated with the mobile tracker app on your smartphone. But there is something in this app that frustrates you a lot. And you think "I wish I could have an app without this one ridiculous setting".


First, you need to develop an idea. Then, to describe your ideal clients to yourself, conduct a survey among users of fitness trackers, make a mock-up (rough draft) and get to work.


You can apply Agile software development concept. According to this approach, the entire development process connects with the continuous analysis and adjustments of the results obtained through the different work stages. Thus the project in each phase of the development takes recurring plan-do-check-act cycle.


Once you have done a couple of pages of the mobile app for tracking activity rate, ask someone to test it. Stand aside, observe, notice what is the “nature” of the “user’s clicks” – user experience (UX). What gaps user sees in the application. If there are a lot of them, then you will need to fix app for sure. We always focus on the user experience of those, who uses smartphones for a long period of time, as it (UX) has already been formed by other apps on the phone. It makes no sense to change users’ habits. You need to develop an app that will just fit them.


It is also important to choose a platform on which you will be launching fitness tracker mobile app: iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Of course, the best option is to cover all three platforms, but it is better to start with just one.

You need to make a qualitative application for one, and then you can start to build it on other platforms.


Normally, iOS is given priority in development. Apple always checks all applications before the release, so it would be kind of a quality test of our product.


Can Not Tech-Savvy Person Draw Up a Technical Project?


Well, honestly, it’s not easy. But! You are free to choose how to do it. You can simply write a text, compose tables, draw mental maps. It is enough to understand the concept, vision, the goal of an exact button, the page, and then to think about how to present it to the user in the best way possible.


Tip for beginners: Work with outsourcing companies. If your project is connected with the IT-technologies, it is better to take someone who is an expert in this area.


Fitness Tracker App Development Companies. How to Make a Right Choice?


Selecting a mobile app development company is a very crucial moment. A lot of good fitness projects for smartphones were not completed because of a banal issue – development price. Ask yourself the following questions and you will be able to choose the right developer for your fitness tracker mobile application:


1. How “old” is the app development company? Here is a rough grading for software companies:

  • 2 years old - Junior Developer. Young developers with little or no experience, beginners in the chosen technological field.

  • From 2 to 5 years old - Middle Developer. The company which can be responsible for quality and timely development based on the use of modern software technologies.

  • About 5 years old - Senior Developer. This company has an in-depth structured knowledge and a high-skilled team. The company is responsible for the project, is able to prepare all technical documentation, is engaged in solving complex problems. Archer Software is in the top list of software companies – we provide custom IT solutions on the market for more than 15 years.


2. Does the development company have a website or portfolio? For a serious company, media presence is mandatory. Here you can read the description of how do they work, read what technologies they use in the development process, understand if the company is experienced according to their content and blog articles, etc.


3. Can you find their projects on iTunes and Google Play? If the answer is "No", most likely, you are dealing with the beginners, or with someone who is pretending to be an expert.


4. How many developers are working in the company? This moment is important because it affects on how much time they will need to solve any unforeseen problem. In addition to that, if it is a big company, work on your project won’t be stopped because of the illness of the team member. Also, a few people will think about the problem. It will clearly lead to a better solution.


5. What development stages project usually go through in this company? This is an indicator of the responsible approach to troubleshooting. The signing of the contract, composing of a technical documentation, milestones in development process – this all needs to be clarified.


6. What guarantees provide this company? Is there any warranty period offered by the developer? How refinement and modification of the app will be carried out in the future? And so on.


7. Do they offer service support to their clients? With whom you will contact in case of emergencies, and what is the established time frame for the solution of key issues?


8. What are the payment terms and conditions? How much each stage of development will cost? When do you need to make your next payment? What payment issues are specified in the contract?


9. Do company have any experience in fitness tracker app development or not? Check out the developers’ portfolio and compare it to your requirements for the project. Do developers have a solution which can be used for your project?


Gather as much information as you can about the company that is going to develop a fitness tracker app. Remember, you won’t find the popular and successful project that was done at one time. If you want to grow your business and increase revenue, then work on improving your mobile application till the process of expansion of app functionality become a constant one.


How to Choose an Idea. What You Haven’t Considered Yet?


While looking for cool concept or idea of ​​a mobile application for the fitness tracker it’s necessary to always remember one thing: looking for ideas to make easy money - not the best approach. The most painful moment for some startups is when they understand their project isn’t viable only after the release.


So what should be done? First, define the market in which you will work - it's fitness industry. Second, define the problem of your target audience - it is specific monitoring of an activity lifestyle rate on the move. People need and like to treat pains or problems and mobile application can help them with it.


What else do you need to do. Make the MVP (minimum viable product) to get the information about what is the real situation at the moment. Test your idea, is it the thing market needs? And one more – at some point you will need to decide, do you want to make a turn or to move on the selected course.


Do You Need a Marketing Research?

Yes. Make it for yourself and show it to the investors as the evidence of your potential growth. For example, information on the number of your target audience, global and local market volume, etc.

It is important to explore how the market will grow in this sector in the next couple of years (thanks to fitness trackers demand growth).


Are There Any Typical Mistakes?


You can meet them anywhere and everywhere. Starting from the selection of experts, who will help you to develop a mobile application and ending with the marketing strategy after release. Also, there can be some problems with target audience determination, business processes, pricing strategy. Start to sell the app, not to those who might be interested in this product, chose the wrong time to launch the product – these are possible reasons why market can meet your product reluctantly. Another option is when the user-side doesn’t work correctly with the server-side. Do your best to avoid these mistakes.


Because Of What Fitness Tracker Mobile App May Not Work?


The application may not work due to incorrect UX design, when it is inconvenient to use (buttons are not where they should be). When it is just “usual” and doesn’t “stop user’s headache". Define the optimum set of health indicators which app will keep tracking and all, that isn’t necessary, just remove from the app.


Bottom Line


Always analyze everything. Even if you are going to come on the market of mobile applications for fitness trackers (It seems, that everything is clear here, right) - still do a research. User needs are constantly changing and what have worked well yesterday, today might not work. Just analyze the competitors' products. Look at successful projects and low efficient IT solutions. Think about why it turned this way.

And the most important - choose a reliable team of developers. Without a good product, you can’t create profitable marketing strategy and promotion. You need to hire the best experts to get a high-quality product. Archer Software is on the market since 2000 and we know how to bring successful IT solutions for business. Contact us and you will get all the information you need to develop mobile application and to study successful cases of our company.