How to Develop a Business Networking Application for Entrepreneurs?

How to Develop a Business Networking Application for Entrepreneurs?
Nov 24

“It is not about what you know, but who you know” - this expression is old but true. People who are entering a business world, or who are truly concerning about their careers and professional development, had already embraced the necessity of having the wide business network. And since we entered the era when conversations face to face are losing popularity, business networks found a new approach in the internet. Therefore, there is a huge market full of possibilities for the business networking app for entrepreneurs.

The important thing is how to work in it and use smart the opportunity to create such an app that will be successful and well accepted among that audience. There are a lot of things to learn before acting, so here is our guide on how to develop a business networking application.

Tips on how to create a business networking application


Here we offer few simple but useful advices for those who want to build an app for business networking but doesn't know where to start.

Make it really fast and integrating


The issue with designing applications is that there will be no difference how great your app unless it got user's attention within first few seconds. If it didn't happen, there are too many chances against you. More likely your potential customer will sweep it away and move on to your competitors. So rule number one is to make your application integrating and easy to use, in a way that it should be catchy and familiar at the same time. So it won't take much time to get acquainted with the app. Here are few tips on how to make it possible:  

  • Allow to sign in with different social media. For a good reason it is a pretty common way of registration these days. In one tap your potential customer can escape boring procedure of writing in the email and name and what's more important, there are less chances he or she will forget a password now.

  • Also, try to leave an opportunity to fulfil more specific personal information later. Let the users to explore your app first. Give them a chance to look around and to make sure whether it is worthy. Once they see what they came for, it will be in their interests to create a proper profile.

  • Make a simple navigation. A user friendly navigation is the way to your users’ hearts. As we said your app should be simple to understand in order not to lose people's attention, so you need to design a menu that will give a clear guidelines and support from the first meeting and through the entire journey.

  • Last but not least, as we are speaking about the business network here, it is important to note that the users profiles should be presented as their resumes. This will benefit you for two reasons. First, your users will have no need to work on their СV and page profile separately, so you wont bore users and they'll quickly move to the more essential tasks. And second, the search and connection will be going faster since all the important information will be presented in one place.

Decide what and who is your target for this app


You should start your business networking app development from the very first question: What do you want to offer? Answer yourself how you want to contribute into the online sphere of business networking. There is a very wide range of business network applications, however their main tasks and purposes can differ tremendously. For instance, there are such types of business network apps which are meant:

  • To connect potential investors with their new big ventures. Business networking app can be used for the purposes of drawing potential investors to the owners of startups and small business. It's a great way to connect people and to build beneficial relationships.

  • To create a platform for collaboration. To make a place where people can share their ideas and business plans in order to collaborate and find partners and investors, receive some help from more professional and experienced entrepreneurs. Moreover, customers may share important contacts as well. This way you create an entire community of entrepreneurs of different levels to communicate and contribute into each other businesses.

  • To build a place for conferences. To ease the process of communication among people who want to keep in touch with each other and sustain their professional relationships. Keeping their communication inside your app is a great way to gain a wide audience and popularity in certain layers of population.

  • To expand business connections. You can work on monitoring local events, business meeting, inform your customers about the events that might be interested to them, judging on their profiles. Participating in professional events is one great way to expand your business contacts create a professional calendar where they can have all their planned meetings.

Act smart with designing your database

It is all about connection. People turn to your app for a good cause of expanding their contacts. So let them have it. Create a comfortable job database and constantly work on its enlargement. Additionally, considering that your aim is networking app for a business and not for social reasons, you should look at the most efficient ways to collect your users’ needs and to connect them with one another, accordingly their professional interests.

That's essential to make a search easy and allow as many search options as possible. Also work on the categorized lists for specific jobs, event and professions, so the user who just opened your app would be able to find information he's interested fast enough and start integrating with the app as fast as possible.  

Find an app developing company that understands you


In order to hire the best developers and to make the best product out of your idea, you need to build strong communication with the team you cooperate with. Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to the goal you want to achieve with your project.

Check the resume of the company you want to hire. Look not just on the quality of the products they develop, but also at their style and vision of those applications. To have a custom applications is a good choice for those who are willing to make their contribution into business network, but lacking some technical or practical knowledges.

Wrapping up

The common features among any good business networking apps are the ability to support in-app interactions, such as chats, comments, group creations, to obtain a wide database to ease the search of potential businesses relations, job offers and professional meetings and to offer accessible and informative profiles, so your user would be well represented in front of potential employer, partners or investors.

What does it cost?


We have discussed the most crucial first steps for the app development. However, one aspect was yet left behind. So let's see what is the cost to create a business networking app and what it depends on:  

  1. Platforms. A choice of the platform is an important decision to make. Now, it’s true that the cost for the developing an app might not differ drastically depending on whether you want to build an app for iPhone or Android. The development process  for iOS and Android might as well take relatively same time. However, you need to pay better attention here to the application’s specifics, such as amount of different features you are considering to add. They give you the foundation for the further choice of the platform.

  2. Design. Depends on the complicity of the design and which IU components you want to implement. It's all about your choice of interface and animation.

  3. Technical details. The cost of your app will as well depend on its complexity. You have to take into account the number of features you want to include in it, the specifics of app’s tasks, etc. Moreover, you will more likely need to use the third parties, like addressing the libraries, services, systems of payments if you want to have any paid features.


Developing a mobile application might be a difficult process, however if you follow the guidelines and if you come with a great idea and detailed business plan, nothing seems impossible. Therefore, use your time smartly and contact professionals for the further cooperation. Our company have been around for over 15 years and have a long history of carrying out qualified and successful IT projects. We will help you to create a business network app that will serve well for building and strengthening professional relationships. Contact us:


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