How to Develop Custom Invoicing Software For a Small Business?

These days businesses have unlimited possibilities for the automation of a wide variety of solutions. Large companies use IT establishments to improve business efficiency, reduce labor costs and accelerate business processes. But what if the company belongs to the small business category? Is it possible to use new technologies and leave the good old fax machine behind?


Heavyweight systems in the field of business software that exist on the market are not suitable for small enterprises. Apart from the fact that they have a high cost for the small business, most of the features simply will not be used. No one flies to the supermarket on a plane to go shopping, right? So, what should custom software for small businesses look like?


Characteristics of invoicing software for small businesses


The rules of the game are constantly changing for small business enterprises. They should work with minimal costs without spending a cent more than is needed as well as increase the scope of their activities, when necessary.


They have to work, regardless of location, and be faster and more active than their competitors. And they must make the most out of their data, so as not to miss out on promising opportunities in increasing the number of sales.


On this basis, we can formulate the main requirements for Invoicing software for a small business:

  • Low cost

  • Mobility

  • A user-friendly interface

  • The ability to add and edit tasks in the system

  • Functionality


Now let's find out why it is important to automate invoicing for small businesses. Small business enterprises have many features that distinguish them from each other. But regardless of the number of employees and sales, all enterprises need to issue invoices to their customers. To help your managers spend less time on the preparing and sending of invoices, invoicing systems are used.


These are the services that allow entrepreneurs to generate invoices, control mutual payments, work with their customer base, keep accounts, as well as to print all of their necessary documents. Active interest in the market for such services shows that small businesses have been waiting for such a tool. That’s the reason why invoicing software for business is a must.


Invoicing software development requirements


In order to understand how to develop a custom invoicing software, we need to determine what parameters it must meet to work as efficiently as possible.

The system has to be functional


So, let’s see what is included in the concept of functionality if we are talking about invoicing software for small businesses. This is:


The ability to create a customer base. This can be a single client, multiple clients or groups of clients, which are grouped by certain attributes. For example, by their discount or credit period. In addition to payment details, contact details are added for each client, that allow for the delivering of the bill or invoice in seconds.


The ability to create branded documents. The application should have document templates that let you add a company or brand logo, if necessary. The invoice is generated in seconds, the logo can be added if necessary, and then it is sent to the client.


The ability to track and record payments. There should be an automatic payment reminder to the client in the app. And also, there should be an ability to set the automatic Thank-you messages to be sent when the bill is paid. Moreover, if the bills are repeated regularly during a certain period, this function should be automated too.


The ability to print documents. Once the invoice is generated and sent, it is automatically exported to PDF-file and stored in the cloud. Where at any time it can be printed.

The ability to generate reports. It is important to implement the reporting feature. It can be for both client and expense reports. This is an important feature that will allow you to control the state of the business and make the right management decisions.


The ability to set different languages. When developing invoicing software, it is important to provide the ability to change the language. This feature will be useful for users who work with foreign clients or when the business is focused on market expansion abroad.


The ability to change tasks and upgrade the app. The more opportunities for self-configuration the app has, the more users from different areas of small business will be able to use it. The user should be able to customize the base system, receive updates, and add necessary features independently.


Successful businesses do not stand still, they have to evolve and move forward. And invoicing software has to be developed as well. The user would prefer the system which can expand its functionality when his project expands.

The system should be mobile


The widespread use of mobile devices provides the ability to manage your business from anywhere in the world. Invoicing applications tailored for tablets or smartphones will allow small business owners to attract employees with remote access. Depending on the specifics of your business, you can even save money in the workplaces on the office or, in the case of startups, work without an office. The main requirement for web-based software, in this case, is the security of information in the cloud.


Invoicing-software should have an easy and user-friendly interface


All software solutions that provide invoicing for small business should have a simple, intuitive user interface. It should not be overloaded with extra information, signs, icons, etc.

The developers have to remember that the visualization of information is limited by the size of the smartphone screen.

The system should use cloud-based technologies


Another important topic the developers should pay attention to is the use of cloud-based technologies while creating a web based invoicing software.This solution can significantly reduce the cost of business automation.


Such services do not require a significant investment, which is particularly important for startups and companies in the early stages of development.


Cloud systems can save you money by not needing to purchase your own servers or pay for IT-specialist employees. Pricing for the use of cloud-based accounting can be formulated as a monthly fee or it can vary depending on the number of invoices.


The bottom line


Now you know the key parameters to pay attention to while developing invoicing software. As we can see, the use of invoicing software allows us to make the billing process easy and convenient.


You can access information about your customers, your invoices and business records from anywhere in the world by implementing invoicing software in your business. You will be able to spend less time on paperwork and less money on complex accounting programs. The saved funds can instead be used for business development.


If you have a small business and the need for billing arises there, or even if you have one client and issue up to 10 invoices per month, you can benefit from invoicing software.


Archer Software is able to help you create a web based invoicing software specifically for your business needs. Our company has successfully worked in the development of a variety of IT-solutions since 2000. Hire us and we will improve your business processes together. Contact us right now and our managers will provide you with a complete online feedback on questions you have regarding invoicing software development.