How to Build The Best Hospital Management Software

The best hospital management software is a set of services which help to create the unified work system of all medical departments – from therapeutic to a dental. Clinic software should meet the needs of the healthcare facility on the whole and combine the corporate work of all medical specialists.



To create the best clinic software, hospital management software development companies should consider the interests of all potential users. They can be divided into three groups:


1. Patients.

2. Hospital staff.

3. Hospital authorities.


Let’s find out which services can be automated for the each user group and ho to create a hospital management software.

Hospital Services Automation


Nowadays patients want to get professional medical care as well as quality service. To increase the level of customer service with the help of hospital patient management software it is possible to:

  • Set up automatic processing of incoming calls from clients. Current information about visiting hours can be displayed on the clinic site. This will allow patient to choose a convenient time and book an appointment online.

  • Send SMS messages or voice reminders to patients about the appointment time.

  • Automate the process of filling out medical records and speed up the patient registration process.

  • Send the results of medical tests and examinations to the patients via email.


Hospital management system will help doctors to devote more time to patients, not documentation. We all know, that real pro will prefer a clinic, in which:

  • All the necessary information about the patient is collected in one place.The doc will be able to see the history of the disease and quickly obtain the test results. And the more information the doctor has, the more accurately he can make a diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

  • A database of document templates is created. It will help the doctor or nurse give a medical protocol to the patient, add information to the patient card. It is useful for doctors as well as for the administration. Duration of an appointment can be shortened without compromising quality that will increase clinic’s revenue for sure.

  • Doctor can look at the schedule at any time and make changes if necessary.


Hospital authorities must take care of the profitability of the facility. The computer software makes it possible to:

  • Analyze doctors’ work and evaluate how many hours did each of them work.

  • Optimize hospital peak hours, reduce medical equipment downtime.

  • Find out which medical directions generate revenue, and which should be closed or modified.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns to attract visitors.


Efficient management software for hospital combines two components: accounting and control. Let's consider the possibilities of their automation in detail.

Hospital Accounting System


Hospital accounting system consists of three units:


1) Modules. Modules are used in a daily clinic work. For example, doctors work with patient’s electronic health record, where all the necessary data is described. Receptionists work in the clinic management module where they determine the payment method. Clinical laboratory works in the system module, where staff records all examination and test results of the patients. Pharmacy staff work in the hospital management module, which allows them to sell drugs, etc.


2) Catalogs. A huge amount of data required for setting up the hospital administration.


3) Reports. By using reports it is possible to analyze the data for any period of time as well as to generate any reports for the authorized users.


It is possible to fill out the patient’s card on the PC and print it. For example, you can print consultation form for a patient, where complaints, description of the disease, the current status, diagnosis and treatment plan are given. When developing a hospital management software it will be useful to include the function of defining the first-time patients.


All provided services should be chosen at once and also the visitors’ payment amount should be automatically calculated in the program when making an appointment. It is supposed that the payment amount is already known when the patient applies for certain services at the reception.The system should automatically track the debts or prepayments of the patients.


The system feature of marking patients that have already paid the services or those who have to pay, can be added. At the patient's request it should be possible to print statements including a list of all services provided and the amount of payments for the required period. Registration also allows seeing the number of patients visiting each doctor in the hospital.


Software for hospital management will allow the doctor to sellect a diagnosis according to the ICD (International Classification of Diseases). When maintaining the management system of treatment protocols, the hospital program will advise on how to examine and treat a patient. The clinic should be able to keep its own records as well as to form plans according to the international standards.


Hospital management system should keep results of all laboratory research in electronic form. Accounting module of a hospital management software will create a unified system for personnel by automation of operations from the reception to the laboratory.


Clinic mobile management app can keep records for each doctor and make payrolls, depending on various factors. It can be a number of appointments, the number of referrals to other specialists of the clinic, revenue, etc.


Also the hospital inventory management software can control the flow of material, the automatic calculation of the goods can be built into the clinic management app. This will allow to automatically write off needed materials during the procedures. Financial accounting automation will help to allocate funding easily and accurately for all hospital departments. These processes can be monitored by nurses or any other authorized users.

Hospital Monitoring System


Hospital staff management software allows comparing the plan of medical examination and treatment, prescribed by a doctor with the plan in the treatment protocols. Also, the clinic management software can inform the doctor about medication intake frequency and contraindications.


The hospital scheduling software can divide the timeline into necessary periods for each doctor (for example, an avarage appointment duration can vary from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the doctor). This monitoring program can be easily customized for any employee. It will be convenient if every doctor is able to create his own templates of filling out a patient card.


Hospital application should allow patients to make appointments for any day. It should be also possible to make an appointment considering whether there are any rooms or medical equipment available. If the patient cancels an appointment, it must be marked and the reason must be specified.


The monitoring program should include the reminder procedure for the patients about the appointments. It will help to control the patients health. It should be possible to print the detailed visitation form immediately.


In the hospital management system it is necessary to monitor drug expiration date in the stock. Also the control module is needed, which helps to plan the delivery of medicines and products. Also, mechanisms of forming any combined financial statements by departments, employees or services should be provided.

Requirements for Hospital Management Software


Let's look at the basic requirements for hospital management software, which the developers must take into account:


1. Any employee of the clinic must be able to cope with the clinic management system.


2. The user interface must be easy, convenient and informative.


3. There must be a certain role-based access for each employee according to the powers and responsibilities. Hospital authority must be able to edit the access role and passwords of the employees. It will alow to control all confidential information.


4. Hospital software must provide accurate, necessary and relevant information at any time.


5. As we are talking about customers’ personal data, the maximum level of security and data protection must be provided in the system.


6. There must be a possibility to improve or extend the clinic automation.

Bottom Line


Software for medical institutions must fully meet the patient's needs and improve employees productivity at the same time. High quality system significantly reduces medical paperwork, improve quality and informational content of medical documents. The software also helps to reduce the influence of human factor, and the process automation minimizes forgetfulness and inattention of the staff when registering patients and providing the consulting services.


With all that issues in mind we can see that the introduction of a new technologies into the hospital infrastructure is a critical issue for today. If you are looking for more information about how to develop hospital management system or hospital management software development or want to get a custom IT solution for your business, contact us. Our company has a long-term experience in developing successful IT products. Don’t miss the chance to hire best experts on the market: