How to Develop a Mobile App With Geolocation?

First app coming to mind, while talking about geolocation feature is Instagram or Foursquare. However, many applications today include geolocation service. These are travel, health and fitness, lifestyle, weather forecast apps and much more. Therefore, geolocation suits to every application and make it more interactive and useful.


A key question here is - what kind of app you want to build and why does it need a geolocation feature. Here we collected few tips and tricks about how to build an app with geolocation and how much it will cost in case of choosing iOS or Android platform for your future app.

10 types of location-based mobile apps

We made a list with the best ideas of geolocation apps. If you are not sure yet, what exactly you want to develop, this small guide is at your service.

Recommendation app

We constantly look for the best places to go and trust a lot to the testimonials or services reviews (TripAdvisor, Foursquare etc.). Therefore, this kind of app always will be popular. It can be focused on bars or restaurants within a town or country only or on recommended places all around the world.

Social app

This kind of app can be multifunctional: users will not only share content but communicate as well. It can be a photo sharing app like Instagram or live streaming app like Periscope etc.

Health and fitness application

Health and fitness apps are in fashion today, so it is a great solution. Geolocation service here helps to track running or walking activity and the overall sport progress on daily basis.

Dating app

Mobile applications like Tinder or Badoo gained a high popularity exactly because it is the fastest way to find a partner who lives literally next door thanks to geolocation service. Quick and easy solution of the problem is a key to the customer’s hearts.

Lifestyle app

Another fast and easy way to find friends. Geolocation service connect users according to their interests and hobbies, so they can easily communicate with people from all around the world.

Travel application

It can also be multifunctional: plan a leisure or business trip, find accommodation and tickets, and provide recommendations about best places to go. There are a lot of apps doing only few of that, so the best way is to provide everything traveller may need.

Gaming app

Pokemon Go blew up the world exactly because of geolocation service and possibility of catching pokemons all around the town. From the other hand, geolocation can be a social instrument and connect users from the same places for communication.

Weather forecast app

People say that they do not trust to weather forecast applications but still use them. Nowadays, all the smartphones and tablets have built-in weather forecast feature, but you can implement some interesting ideas in your app that will hold users.

Service app

Today we can order delivery or call a taxi using an application and it is not an end of what else we can do using a smartphone. As it has been said, people love fast and easy solutions and service app is one of them.

Event app

It can either inform the user about all the near events, either help local event organizers to find the audience, either make an advent calendar with reminders. Very useful application for leisure planning.


Therefore, geolocation in mobile app is very important not only for social but many other purposes. Moreover, apps with geolocation are in trend, so your product will have all chances to become popular.

How to integrate geolocation in mobile app

In order to build a custom geolocation app, you need to use both mapping and location services. There are several ways to do that using GPS, Wi-Fi or Cell ID.

  • GPS location: all the tablets and smartphones have built in GPS module, so the easiest way is to use it. GPS signal is very fast and accurate, however, it is not always available.

  • Wi-Fi location: Wi-Fi works the same way like GPS but cover smaller areas. It can work with RSSI (identifying location from Wi-Fi points database) or Google Maps geolocation/Google Places geolocation.

  • Cell ID: this type of location service uses GSM base stations to determine user’s position. The smartphone knows to which cell tower it is connected at the moment and by knowing the cell station coordinates it is possible to determine smartphone (read:user’s) location on the map.

Another type of geolocation service available for web apps is Html5 geolocation API (Javascript geolocation API). In this case, location service works with Html5 code written in Javascript. It can find the user’s current location and show it on the map with all the up-to-date street details.


Html5 location also includes navigation and recommendation services. However, user’s device browser should support html5. Moreover, html5 API requires using permission and has low privacy comparing with GPS or Wi-Fi location services.


Talking about maps, the best solution is Google Maps. They are easy to integrate with an app, have a nice design and smart interface.


How much does it cost to create a geolocation app

The cost of geolocation app development depends on many factors: application type, set of features, developers qualification, etc. The price can be lower, if you hire an outsource developers. In this case the rate can be $50-$150 per hour, while local developers will charge you about $250 per hour.


The total cost can vary from $3.000 to $30.000 for outsource and from $15.000 to $150.000 for local developers, depending on app features and platform.


For example, social or health and fitness apps can require up to 800 hours time of development, while an app with simple functionality and 1-2 features - from 60 to 160 hours. Therefore, the total cost will be around $3.000 - $8.000. Comparing iOS and Android apps, there is no difference in development timelines — total time expenses depend on app complexity only.

Geolocation app development for startup

A lot of startup companies choose to enter the market with a geolocation mobile app. Actually, it is a good choice for startup because easy location-based app with couple features requires smaller time and money investments.


Moreover, this idea is consistent with a startup ideology - fast launch, product is tested straight away in the market and updated step-by-step in process. Therefore, a business can make a simple social or tracking application and add more features after app release on the market.


It is difficult to do it with an app that requires a lot of time and money to be developed and cannot go on the market with 1 or 2 functions only. Therefore, a geolocation mobile app development is the easiest way to boost a startup in IT industry.


No matter that today most of the users are familiar with geolocation services, they do not trust them at some point and are afraid to turn on geolocation services when it is required, in order to save their personal information.


It is true that at some point geolocation apps break users’ privacy. Moreover, there are apps that allow movement tracking - they are usually used by parents like a child’s safety guarantee. However, regular location-based app does not share user’s movement with third party, everything stays in database.


Of course, in dating or social apps location is shared, so nearby users are tracked, but not their movement. From the other hand, it is true that today everybody can be easily tracked and found by social networks and geolocation, but it is a personal choice to use it or not. When it comes to location-based app, it is impossible to use their features without turning on location services.

Professional geolocation app development

App development is not an easy process that requires special knowledge and qualification. A lot of things depend on human factor, so in order to nullify mistakes, you can count only on professionals.


Even if you want to develop a location-based app for startup, it shouldn’t have any bugs. Furthermore, when it comes to geolocation services, everything should be precise, fast, without breaking user's privacy by sending their location or movement to the third party without permission.


Therefore, it is better to hire professional software development company. This way you will receive the best result possible: all the features, user-friendly interface, beautiful design, safety and bug-free product. Get in touch with us today and qualified team of developers will start working on your project right away.