How to double your engagement by tweaking your technology stack

Nobody wants to work with legacy. But almost all  projects in-production has legacy and developers have to support and maintain it. Sounds familiar?  Smartling implemented the cure - Software oriented architecture. We've started this approach a couple of years ago. Now Smartling developers sleep calmly at night because they  know. They know that the whole system will never be down if the system consists of services not   one grand piece of monolith.


The next level of SOA is to create the whole application as a service. An application that let user upload the file for translation, sends it to professional translators, perform billing procedures and downloads translated document to the application. Light and easy as ABC! To build this app we used Marionette, require.js and Grunt and didn't use an old codebase!


Read detailed step by step story about application as a service building within weeks, our mistakes that cost us a great percentage of our customers traffic loss within seconds and more here.