Html5 Online Casino Mobile Game Development

Html5 Online Casino Mobile Game Development
Jun 27

Dmitry Orel, Project Manager at Archer Software.


The Online Gaming Industry must pay attention to the overall trend of the past few years of more and more gamers going mobile. Archer asked its PM to give his insight into the fast-changing world of Net technologies. Today we present the overview of the latest trends for online casino games.


Presence in the Mobile Application Market is a must in order to attract potential clients.


The end of flash development

Unity 3D and Adobe Flash have been the most popular technologies for creating online casino games over the past decade. However, both of them were created with PC in mind. Since those days, mobile revolution has reshaped the landscape of online gaming software development; low-power mobile devices with touchscreens have set different standards. Neither Unity3D nor Flash technologies are supported by Mobile Application stores at the present time.


In their effort to enter the Mobile Apps Market, owners of the online casino games have been challenged technologically.


The solution for the cases appeared was html5 game development.

Archer, together with game providers, looked for technology that allowed entering the market of Mobile Applications while, at the same time, providing tools to replicate the multimedia and graphical content of the Unity3d and Flash games.


Benefits of html5 online casino game development

  • Html5 can be widely used for web games development

  • Html5 now allows creating interactive experiences and supports animations with flash-quality look and feel

  • Online game providers can take advantage of Html5 rich media to enhance gambling business advertising opportunities

  • The latest versions of web browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE) 9/10, Safari 9, Google Chrome and Firefox now support Html5

  • And the main privilege of Html5 is its compatibility with low-power mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

  • HTML5 is an open technology, so anyone can employ it with no cost

  • Compatibility. Html5 can be employed when developing online casino application for wide array of devices i.e. Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms. We can even  see browser providers competing in the most wide support of Html5.



Dmitry Orel, Archer PM comments:

“The relatively new HTML5 adds new syntactic features: new canvas, video, and the integration of scalable vector graphics (SVG). Most of the animated effects from Unity3d/Flash casino games can be rendered with HTML5. What’s important – it is open-source technology, fully compliant with Android, iOs and WM platforms”.

Mobile html5 casino game development


It takes two steps to enter the Mobile Application Market: step one – convert flash game into HTML5, step two – adapt the game for android and iOS platforms.


Though HTML5 is a fairly new technology and IT specialists prognose HTML5 spec will be fully implemented by 2022 or even later, it has great potential for those who target both PC and Mobile markets.


Here in Archer software we have already successfully implemented several other mobile app projects which benefit from HTML5 technology. We would like to tell about two of them:

  • For Bankaroo project for kids learning to manage their savings we build both native mobile applications for iOS and Android and supported other devices with a mobile HTML5 application so every child with smartphone and tablet could learn how to manage their money.

  • When designing mobile web application for Columbia Law School we encountered the problem to create a cross platform solution which would be able to automatically synchronize changes in business logic together with giving users a feeling of a native app. HTML5 technology employed for the project proved to be efficient and let us deliver the required product.


Archer Software collocates an experts in Mobile html5 casino game development, who can take over a completely new html5 game development or help you with your existing online gambling business expansion aimed for iOS, Android and WM mobile users.


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