Key trends from the Mobile World Congress 2016


Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest trade fairs in mobile industry and hold in Barcelona, 22-25 February 2016.


Archer Software had an opportunity to share our expertise in the area of software development, as well as to present some of our latest solutions in the automotive and healthcare trends.


Here's a brief look at main expectations we have for this year's Mobile World Congress:



5G, as one of the key points in the advancement of IoT was a major topic of discussion during MWC 2016. The fifth generation of mobile networks should permit devices to connect over the internet, allowing them talk to us, to applications, and each other. The EU is recommending that 5G networks encompass optical, cellular, and satellite solutions.


Such companies as Nokia, Ericson, IBM and other companies, took to the stage to discuss their 5G capabilities as well as chipset offerings for IoT devices and networking equipment.


But in spite of the capabilities and activities of telecommunication companies, commercial launch is planned to be only in 2020, 5G has now gone from a somewhat vague concept, to a demonstrable technology.



This is certainly the year in which virtual reality is going mass. The VR market growth from 2015 – 2018 is anticipated to be 200% from $198m to $407m and adding 25 million users.

It will be the first time in history when such companies like Oculus, HTC, Sony, and Microsoft are going to roll out theirs VR devices for the consumer market.



There was presented sufficiently a lot of solutions, from connected cars that monitor driver behavior and performance, wearables that quantify personal health and wellness, to refrigerators that compile shopping lists in real-time.

But what was perhaps more prominent is not the devices themselves, but the networks which will be able to support them. The main focus is placed on the 5G, which will go some way to supporting the huge numbers of connections, but that is still a long way off.


Network Security (Securing the Internet of Things)

Due to the rapid development of technology, increasingly complex IP-based networks, are becoming harder and harder to protect with a perimeter-based form of security, while the increasing variety and sensitivity of data traffic is liable to render networks greater targets.

Such companies as CISCO, IBM, AT&T, Intel presented their solutions in the protection of networks and cloud services.


As in the past year, Mobile World Congress 2016 proved to be an exciting event, demonstrating that mobile telecommunications is one of the most rapidly advancing industries.


Archer Software is looking forward to meet our customers and business partners and also initiates collaborations with important industry players next year, at the MWC 2017.