Mobile Applications to Track Vitals

Tracking vitals has always been important not only when a person has a chronic disease, but also for people who care about their health. With many peoples overloaded way of life, it is also important to monitor health indicators for patients to predict possible diseases or to understand sleep patterns, overall health, mood swings or vitality.It is hard to monitor these indicators manually and we have helped several companies develop simple-to-use applications to measure individual’s life balance and sense of fulfillment.


We have a wide range of tracking applications that have similar functions, but vary based on the features that are offered:


  • Tracking lab tests. This applications allow laboratories send to a patient lab results and explain what they mean.

  • Tracking applications for expecting parents that allow them to follow and share the progress of their pregnancy.

  • Applications that track life indicators, such as sleep, energy, health, mood, gratitude, spirit, nature and movement to monitor their quality of life.

  • Tracking analyzes for people with chronic illness. These types of applications allow people and their doctors to monitor glucose levels and other indicators and track them dynamically to control disease progression.

  • Activity tracking apps, that allow people to follow their active lifestyle, get some advice and be reminded to exercise when they are inactive to long.These types of applications also do brain training by doing training programs to enhance memory, attention and other abilities.


Archer Software has a wide array of experience in developing and porting different tracking applications to all the major operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. We have already created several effective software solutions for healthcare companies to operate on both existing and new hardware, and have consistently received positive feedback from their clients. You can take a look at our full Healthcare portfolio here.


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