Apps for physiotherapy

One of the popular medical apps categories geared toward healthcare professionals is Medical Calculators and Reference Information.  The Doctors and students often need to check symptoms or want a quick refresher on a procedure.

We have reviewed several mobile apps that stand out due to the innovative approach they provide:

Mobile Apps that Provide Additional Training for Physicians 1CPR Game . Unleashing the teaching potential of gamification for the healthcare industry, creators of the CPR Game built a mobile simulator of an emergency room. The app was created to help Emergency Medicine physicians refresh and practice their skills.

It tests the doctors on the types of interventions they perform and when they perform them. By interactively going through various types of ACLS and critical care algorithms, the physicians learn to apply the necessary procedures in a timely manner.  They also have a chance to analyze their mistakes.  In this way, the CPR Game has the potential to save lives. 


Mobile Apps that Provide Additional Training for Physicians 2The BurnMed application provides an innovative way to access injuries of burn patients. It also encompasses a comprehensive 15-minute training on initial burn management. In BurnMed, the user draws the burned areas onto a 3-D anatomic figure. The app then uses this diagram to calculate the total body surface area (TBSA) burned, as well as calculate fluid resuscitation. The Treatment Guidelines summarize the essential steps in early management with links to further teachings about inhalation injuries, escharotomy, and dressings.




Mobile Apps that Provide Additional Training for Physicians 3QuantiaMD is a free online and mobile application designed to address clinicians' educational needs. Physicians utilize the app to engage with their peers and respond to a wide variety of interactive medical cases. Educational content is developed by experts and delivered in concise, interactive, narrated presentations that range from five minutes to eight minutes. Topics include diabetes, mental health, infectious disease and patient safety, and practice performance topics such as coding and billing, HIPAA compliance, and Meaningful Use.



Mobile Apps that Provide Additional Training for Physicians 4Human Anatomy Atlas provides detailed, anatomically accurate 3-D models of more than 3,800 individual structures and hundreds of definitions of body systems, organs, vasculature, and nerves. The app is designed to give medical students, doctors, and patients a close look at all the systems of the human body.

The advanced animation and sharing features let physicians and students utilize this app in presentations and learning processes.

The content of this application is created and reviewed by healthcare experts to ensure its accuracy. 


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