mobile apps development

Contributor: Dmitry Orel, PM at Archer Software


Managing mobile  projects on a global scale obviously requires technical and organizational skills. The necessary skill level of a project manager depends on the complexity of the project in particular, and what kind of mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WM etc.) you are planning to work with.  In terms of the project management processes, there won't be much of a difference between mobile and web projects. I used to use pm tools like MS Project, Jira, Skype, and Kanban tool, in addition to Scrum methodology for both mobile and web projects. 


PMs, however, need to be aware of, and prepared for, the following important steps. 


Mobile Apps: Planning and Scoping out everything that is OS supported. 

If you are delivering iPhone/iPad and Android mobile apps at the same time, each OS needs to be built and tested separately. You might want to build and test the iPhone version, for example, before introducing the final product to iPad users. 


You might even make some changes to the iPad version which will affect the iPhone version, and as a result you need to undergo regression testing for the iPhone version.The biggest issue we should be focusing on is supporting mobile OS and related mobile devices. 


In my experience, I have had cases where customers incorrectly identified the list of target devices and versions of an OS,  and as a result not all of these devices worked properly. Before starting a project, we should definitely investigate questions related to target platforms and OS, and raise awareness about potential problems. 


Front-end development:

Unlike a website build, mobile app development will not have a dedicated front-end developer to ensure that the visual layer of the mobile app is implemented exactly as designed. This means the creative designer needs to provide a visual style guide that specifies an app’s font sizes, spacing, asset dimensions etc., or work very closely with the developer to ensure the app's styling is built as intended.


For mobile projects, a PM should take into account a bunch of simple but really important stuff to avoid potential roadblocks and  meet the customer`s expectations at a high level.


In my next article I will try to highlight 10 simple steps to take before you launch a mobile projects.