Outsourcing in IT

Working in the IT sector means that you get to be a part of modern innovation every day – especially in the mobile sector where users feel increasingly comfortable. IT departments must find a balance between maintaining older technologies, and developing new ones; budgeting is, as always, another big factor in this equation. If too much of an IT department’s time is spent on support, it risks becoming a stumbling block to innovation or a money pit.


When an IT department is responsible for emails, internal servers, website maintenance, and other in-house chores, it can really take time and energy away from bigger software development goals. To truly free in-house developers from these hassles, outsourcing key functions of support infrastructure is the best option.  


Outsourcing saves money. While companies that outsource IT services feel many benefits, saving money is one of the biggest. Outsourcing helps control capital expenditures. IT services create fixed costs for companies that do not take advantage of outsourcing. Businesses that choose to outsource IT convert those fixed expenses into variable ones, and thus free capital for use in other projects. This allows companies to devote money to revenue-producing operations.


Outsourcing provides flexibility. This point is primarily of interest to rapidly growing companies. Instead of hiring new employees for temporary projects, a company can outsource specific services for a given period of time.


Outsourcing provides access to resources. One of the most commonly outsourced functions is the customer service help desk. Outsourcing prevents businesses from having to worry about office space, employee availability, or the capacity of personnel to serve clients across time zones and potential language barriers.


Outsourcing gives companies access to expertise. One of the most popular reasons for outsourcing any task is getting access to expert experience and knowledge that current employees can't provide. You also won't have to pay for your IT personnel to keep up-to-date with new techniques or technologies through programs and training. The outsource company trains that staff for you.


Of course, outsourcing also has its disadvantages. On one hand, trusting a third-party provider for all of your company's IT needscan create serious security issues. Outsourcing is not, after all, a solution to all problems.


What can be outsourced?

  • Customer service HelpDesks

  • Management and strategic planning

  • Hardware support

  • Software development

  • Managed Hosting      


It’s up to each organization to decide which of its functions are appropriate for outsourcing. No matter what needs outsourcing, Archer Software can help. Archer Software has a long history of successfully implementing outsourcing solutions. You can see some of our case studies here.


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