Popular IOT Gadgets

The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable them to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices based on the infrastructure of International Telecommunication Union's Global Standards Initiative.


The IoT has become a hot topic recently, so we made a list of the most popular gadgets:


  1. Videophone with face detection.
    Videophones and electronic eyes are not uncommon. But electronic locks with face recognition are still a rarity. Advanced videophones, playing the role of an electronic doorman learns the face the hosts, opening it for them automatically. Chui is also able to identify a visitor standing at the door and notify the owner through their tablet or smartphone. If the guest is not recognized by the electronic doorman, it sends a text message with a video or image of the guest instead.

  2. Electronic Watchman with infrasound
    The main advantage of this device that, unlike traditional burglar alarms and remote cameras, it is a multi-level tracking system. In addition to the usual HD-camera that sends a streaming video of the living room or hallway to any device, it is also equipped with a sensitive probe that can detect other sounds, infrasound, in adjacent rooms and even on other floors of the house. As a result, a single device in the house can easily replace several sensors installed in different rooms creating a customizable security system that is much faster and easier to install than ever.

  3. Intelligent air conditioning
    The first air conditioners appeared in America at the beginning of the last century, but "smart air-conditioning" is a recent invention. Most systems in a "smart home" include climate control functions, but this single device can start cooling the house room, when it detects that the owner is getting close. These systems go a step further than supporting remote management and flexible automation; they are also extremely economical. Special software allows the user to control the balance between a comfortable room temperature and energy expenditure, offering an optimal scheme of cooling with minimal power consumption.

  4. Advanced Sleep Tracker
    As you know, healthy sleep is one of the key factors determining quality of life. It’s no surprise that sleep trackers are so popular these days. Advanced Sleep Tracker is no ordinary tracker; it is a multifunctional "sleep center". Besides tracking the traditional fast and deep sleep cycles, it is able to monitor the level of illumination of the room, background sound, temperature, humidity and dust content of the air. This not only lets the user assess the quality of their sleep, but also pinpoint the source of any disturbances. In addition, the sleep tracker can also generate white or pink noise to obscure other sounds, as well as "smart alarm" to for a peaceful yet quick wake up call.

  5. Electronic irrigation manager
    E Manager is designed to automate a garden’s irrigation system that coordinates its systems with current weather conditions. With the support of Wi-Fi, the controller allows you to control sprinklers directly from mobile devices, varying their intensity and duration, depending on the time of year, the intensity of the sun, soil type and other factors.

  6. Intelligent feeder for pets
    This clever gadget can be useful for pets lovers. It is an automatic feeder that provides seamless access to pet food, even if the owners have gone on a long vacation. Unlike conventional automatic feeders, the gadget is equipped with a system to recognize individuals, which can be particularly relevant when there are several animals in the family. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows the owner to control the diet of their pet from any city or country.

  7. Microwave with interactive recipes
    This is an advanced microwave, equipped with a full-color display that has access to the Internet and the ability to store thousands of different recipes in internal memory. The device has a touchscreen interface and supports gesture and voice control. In addition to cooking, it can be used as an interactive cookbook. It has access to an extensive online database of recipes, which are constantly replenished by other users.


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