The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

So you’ve decided to find a software development company that will release unique custom product for business. There may be dozens of offers on the local market for it. But what if none of them will meet all the requirements of time and money? Then it makes sense to look for a team that is outside the market. Such an offshore solution is a great option for those who can’t find appropriate offers in their countries and markets. Outsourcing mobile application development gains rapid popularity lately.


Work with an offshore company provides numbers of advantages to clients, such as better price, timing and quality (which can be even higher than a local one). But there may also be some pitfalls for the client if he doesn’t know what outsource company need to be employed. To give a general understanding of what asset outsource mobile app development services can introduce to your business strategy, we’ve compiled a list of all the pros and cons of outsourcing.


Pros of Outsourcing Mobile App Development


First of all, let's define general tasks and principles of work of outsourcing development company. Outsourcing company is a team of developers and managers whose task is to help a client focus his resources on the activities, that are the most important in business and delegate other functions to a professional partner (development company). In other words, the outsourcing company helps to build a successful business by assuming some client’s duties. In our particular case, it is mobile app development.


As for one of the main outsourcing advantages – costs saving – it helps client not only to reduce the development costs but also to invest an extra capital to new development paths of the company. Now it’s time to talk about all the advantages more closely. Let’s see what we can get from choosing the outsourcing mobile application development instead of a local one:

Cost Reducing. Outsourcing saves time and money. Firstly, mobile app development is a process that is limited in time enough. That means there is no reason for a client company to hire a full-time employees. And for a specified period of time outsourcing company payment will be less than the staff payment per month. Secondly, there is no need for a client to spend money for specific taxes per employee, workplace equipment, etc.


Thank’s to outsource mobile app development services client doesn’t spend time, efforts and money on recruitment and training process. All this also means resources release.

  • Outsource mobile app development allows clients to get services of a higher quality and at a lower price.

  • Reduction of charges and extra fees. Outsourcing is usually cheaper than looking for a qualified staff.

  • No additional charges for weekends, vacation and staff health problems.

  • No additional taxes on employees' wages.

  • There is no need to invest time and resources in the organization of workplaces of employees and infrastructure - Outsourcing mobile app development company has already done it.

  • In most cases clients pay fixed price. It really simplifies financial planning.


Speed and Quality Increasing. In more that 95% of cases, you can be fairly sure of the quality of work. Outsourcing mobile development company specializes in a particular activity – IT industry. Its employees have extensive experience. Hiring a new employee is always a risk for a client. He needs to consider if the employee would be competent enough to do this work, while for an outsourcing company all terms of quality and conditions are listed in the contract. Client can return the pre-payment or services payment if he doesn’t like the end result or if the job is done poorly. Customers can’t do the same with their own regular staff: they can fire staffers, deny bonuses or rewards, but employees always need to be paid.


  • High quality and speed because of years of specialized experience in the area of outsourcing services.

  • Using specialized equipment, knowledge, technologies, highly qualified staff for the effective achievement of the objectives of the client.

  • Client and developer focus on their core business purposes individually, which bring them to the achievement of common goals (win-win).

  • Competition on the outsourcing market. Development company is interested in carrying out the work quickly, efficiently and on time - this is the main task.


Risks Reduction. Outsourcing spare client’s nerves. There is no need to continuously monitor the project or be bothered by the unexpected illness of the employees, so they can’t finish their job in time. Working with an outsourcing company automatically guarantees that all projects will be fully completed.


  • All project risks pass to the executive(mobile development) company.

  • Outsourcing mobile app company has no downtime during the holidays and illnesses of employees.

  • The customer does not spend time and money to retain staff, search for new employees, training and motivation - Outsourcing company always takes these risks by itself.

  • Thanks to outsourcing it makes no difference for the client how much employees are involved in his project and how long each of them will stay in the project.

  • The client pays for the result, not the working time of a particular person or department.


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One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is that such companies always care about timing. They are interested in the quickest and effective ways of doing their jobs. If regular employee fails, then the maximum client can do is fire him. But If outsource company will go in a wrong direction - it will definitely pay a compensation. All these conditions are clearly specified in the contract. For the outsourcing development company, web design and mobile app development are the core processes, so, obviously, developers will try to do their best to maintain the reputation and market competitiveness. Unlike regular employees. There are a lot of staffers who prefer just to sit at the workplace and wait for eight hours to pass by.


Cons Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development And How Do We Minimize Them


The main disadvantages of outsourcing, at which point clients and offshore companies themselves are

  • A possible weakness of a security system.

  • Lack of the quality control.

How to solve these problems?


The first problem is solved by a clear specification in the contract. It defines what access permissions has each party of the process. Choosing our company, you can be assured that your confidential information won’t be affected, and we will never abuse your trust.


As for the problem of quality control of the work, then, as mentioned above, it is an executive(outsource) company who is interested the most ensuring of proper quality so team can withstand the ever-increasing competition in the IT outsourcing market. Our company is committed to high standards of work and always stay in close touch with customers. Usage of modern web tools for effective interaction minimize all the negative consequences of our absence at your office. If necessary, client can address his issues and wishes to a special department of our team. We are open to our clients.


If you look at all the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development and its disadvantages you can notice that all disadvantages can be practically reduced to nothing – in case if you will hire a reliable IT company - Archer Software is just such a company.


What Else?

Outsourcing has proven its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in many areas. Mutually beneficial cooperation of client’s company and offshore mobile app development company leads to a rapid achievement of the overall result, the competitiveness, and the prosperity of the business in general. If you are interested in a company that can develop high–quality IT product and do it in time, contact us. Our managers will answer all your questions and give comprehensive information about our services and cases. Do not draw a successful business out in a lifetime special. Email us on