Prospects in the Mobile Health

With the appearance of new devices, sensor applications and innovations, the possibilities available in mobile medicine are growing rapidly. Telemedicine and remote monitoring, patient data, e-cards, electronic prescriptions, sleep monitoring and pregnancy all provide opportunities and benefits. The future of Mobile Health industry is growing rapidly worldwide, even in less developed countries, where it can literally mean the difference between life and death for people without access to medical care.

mHealth trends have two major path that are developing in parallel, at different speeds, which are influencing each other. First is the technology, devices, applications and services for the treatment and care of patients, and the second is the systems and devices designed to monitor compliance with a healthy lifestyle (wellness) and fitness - all this influence on trends in mobile health technologies. You could say that the second path has a relatively weak relationship with medicine and health, and you would be right. But, these two fields are slowly merging together. It would therefore be more correct to talk about healthcare or medicine, and the security of human health as they relate to mobile apps, and not just about technology.

We can break up the industry for wearable mobile health devices into 3 parts:


Devices for a healthy lifestyle management

The market for devices and applications for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is developing much faster than the slower growing mHealth. This is because the healthcare industry is very conservative. New products and services become available only after numerous tests, clinical studies and levels of approvals from various agencies. These strict requirements are not required for fitness devices to find their way to the consumer. According to the survey, which was carried out by Accenture, 43% of consumers worldwide want to buy a device to monitor their physical activity and physical condition.


Wearable technologies

It may not be strictly accurate to refer to the wearable technology market as mHealth, but it is very closely related to the scope of devices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means that it is often impossible to understand what to include in this or that device. The list of products in this category include: smart watches and sunglasses, 3D trackers (to track throws in basketball or the effects of collisions during American football, etc.), or wearable cameras.


Devices to monitor health to diagnosis and care for patients

According to one research firm, this market will grow at a rate of 43.3% per year from 2014 to 2019 and will be an $8 billion USD market by 2019. This category includes mHealth:

  • Monitoring for patients heart, blood pressure, glucose levels, brain function, sleep, etc

  • Multiparameter Monitoring System

  • Systems for remote interaction with doctors in hospital

  • Handheld, implantable and ingestible sensors for various vital signs

  • Diagnostic systems and quick analysis (blood, saliva, urine, respiratory, etc.)

  • Systems to care for the elderly, chronically ill and children

  • Applications for health monitoring, to control the use of drugs, treatment planning and training systems

The future prospects and benefits of mhealth with be in these directions and analysts predict it will revolutionize medicine and public healthcare, as well as spawn a huge increase in income market participants.


The rapid spread of high-speed communications provides new opportunities for sophisticated applications in mHealth market, such as remote video consultations. mHealth provides numerous opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry, from monitoring the development of new drugs and their supply chains, to tracking how counterfeit medicines enter the market.


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