SAP Launches Vehicles Network

SAP Launches Vehicles Network
Oct 29

SAP announced the availability of the SAP Vehicles Network solution - a new cloud that allows enterprise companies to offer secure, convenient end-to-end vehicle and mobility-centric services independent of devices or vehicles in North America. It helps share data from the Internet of Things, activate gas pumps, pay at the pump, reserve parking, open off-street parking gates and pay for on-street parking from a car through a mobile wallet or app.

By pruning down the business process to one-click, it enables users and companies to share data in a secure way, the SAP Vehicles Network solution provides a pliable framework for any app, automotive company or oil and gas provider. Vehicles Network would use its HANA cloud platform for the Internet of Things.

Enrolled network members can use the services to provide an improved experience for consumers. After completing successful co-innovation projects with companies like Volkswagen AG, Shell, VeriFone, Toyota Info Technology Center U.S.A. Inc., and BMW AG, SAP partnered with Samsung Pay, Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), ZipLine and P97 Networks to deliver a seamless mobile pay-at-the-pump experience. SAP also partnered with leading parking aggregators, including ParkWhiz, Parking Panda and others to help drivers find parking quickly, efficiently and in the area of their choice.

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