The School of IT-Recruiters: Class of 2014

December 2014 witnessed the third graduation of students from Dnepropetrovsk’s School of IT-Recruiters. The graduating class, twelve bright, ambitious, and talented young recruiters, will surely be a welcome addition to the thriving Ukrainian IT community. 


The School’s team of speakers represents a wide-range of experience from both recruiting agencies and outsourcing companies, including: Anna Stecenko (founder of the IT-recruiting agency Indigo and IT-Recruiter Schools), Olga Shatoha (director of Indigo), Maria Rudkova (recruiter at Indigo), Olga Ivanova (HRD, Certified Coach in Archer Software), and Andrei Stetsenko (founder of RelocateMe ).


Our HR-Director, Olga Ivanova, has lectured at Dnepropetrovsk’s School of IT- Recruiters on such topics as preparing for IT-oriented interviews and researching potential clients; the lectures are titled "IT-interview: Rendezvous for the Two" and "Who is your client," respectively. Olga also conducts educational coaching sessions for all graduates in order to help them develop a vision and plan for their entry into the IT field. 


The School of IT – Recruitment has developed seminars on a wide range of topics integral to the up-and-coming recruiter, including: features of the IT market, technological literacy, search channels, networking strategies, and the secret to a strong interview. Lecturers also shared their expertise on how to become an indispensible recruiter for your client and how to eliminate workplace conflicts. Students of the school benefit from the lecturers’ unique experiences, as well as from the examples they set as working professionals. 


The School of IT – Recruiters was founded in the fall of 2013, and has since produced thirty-four graduates across three graduating classes. Enrollment is open for the next class, which is planned for the Spring of 2015. 


The School’s mission is to help foster a new generation of IT – recruiters with high standards and professional attitudes, thereby redefining the standards of their profession in Ukraine.