Social: Archer Software Launches Yoga Class for Children

Jun 26

Archer Software embraces the tradition of taking care of the physical and emotional development of their employees. Twice a week Archer have been holding the yoga & stretching classes that any Archer’s employee can attend.


Continuing this important social initiativeby caring for the next generation, Archer launches a new yoga class for children.


Social: Archer Software Launches Yoga Class for Children

Daria Voloshina, the member of Archer's yoga class  for children


Why yoga for children? The answers are simple: 

  • Yoga develops better concentration;
  • the kids adopt a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • yoga is a great exercise at any age.


The children of employees can now attend yoga lessons twice a week at Archer's headquarters. The classes are free, as all expenses are covered by the company. The child may also bring a friend, who is also welcome to participate.


The classes are led by a certified yoga coach and are specially developed to teach the kids yoga in a fun and entertaining way.

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