The Stack Overflow Survey

The largest international question and answer site for software developers, Stack Overflow, has just released the results of its annual survey. Over 26,000 respondents from 157 countries answered the survey, including 6,800 full-stack, 1,900 mobile, and 1,200 front-end developers.


In General

Luxembourg, Ireland, and Sweden have the largest concentrations of developers per 1000 people. The average software developer is 28.5 years old, and was born in April of 1986. Less than 6% of software developers are women, and of them nearly 50% started programming within the last 2 years. The largest concentration of female developers is in India.



Javascript has become the most popular programming language in the world, while Node.js increased in popularity by 50% in comparison with last year’s results. The number of full-stack developers increased by almost a third. Interestingly, the overall number of system-administrators and Enterprise-system developers decreased in comparison with last year’s results. This might be related to the development of the cloud solutions market and an overall trend toward fragmented systems which allow for specialized, easily-integrated solutions (JIRA, Basecamp, Slack, Zapier, AmoCRM). In this model, decision making takes place from the bottom up –employees are more likely than ever to play an active role in choosing the software that is best suited to a company’s needs. This makes it easier for startups to enter markets formerly dominated by giants, and more convenient for end-users to adopt products which make their work more efficient.



When it comes to quality of life, currency doesn’t matter - Big Macs do :) The Economist's Big Mac Index is a measure of purchasing power parity that can be used to compare the true value of compensation between workers in different economies. So where can developers get the most Big Macs for their work? The survey says Ukraine, where Big Macs cost about $1.20. Ukrainian developers still make about 3 times less than their American counterparts. It’s official - outsourcing to Ukraine can save you money on software development.


Job Satisfaction

Programmers are more satisfied with their jobs than employees in other fields. Developers from Iran, Norway, Israel, and the Netherlands are more satisfied with their work than their peers in other countries. If we consider which positions within the development process make people the happiest, the winners are executives (CTO, CIO), machine learning engineers, and iOS developers. Conversely, product managers, BI-experts, graphic designers, and back-end web developers reported less-than-average satisfaction with their work.



Developers from Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands are more coffee-loving than their peers, drinking an average of 3 cups a day. For reference, the average developer worldwide drinks 2.2 cups per day.


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