Top 10 Apps for Doctors and Medical Students

In medicine, innovations are always perceived with caution, because we are dealing with people's life and health. Therefore, doctors are often skeptical about everything that does not fit into the usual pattern of diagnosis and treatment, and solutions such as medical apps for doctors cannot always be trusted as well. In any case, this opinion has the right to exist. The Institute of Medical Information (IMS) analyzed more than 40,000 applications available for download on iTunes, it turned out that more than half of them are just a toy. 


We at Archer Software adhere to an innovative approach and believe that applications for doctors and medical students should be primarily useful and trustworthy. For this reason, we have selected the 10 best solutions in the field, and how to create a truly great medical app. 



10 Must-Have Apps for Everyone in the Medical Field

Here are the best medical apps that are useful for doctors and medical students, too. 


This is one of the most informative resources for both doctors and beginner specialists. Medscape is something like a universal medical reference book that includes original articles on various topics, news from the world of medicine, annotations to medicines, tests for their compatibility, and more. The application is completely free, but the user needs to register an account (which is also free). Thanks to a convenient and simple interface, an excellent search option and a database covering a huge number of monographs, clinical images, video tutorials for research and manipulation, more than seven thousand drug reviews and instructions, Medscape has been recognized by many practitioners around the world.

Figure 1

This is a useful medical app for doctors and nurses. It contains a whole archive of images that can be useful in the diagnosis of diseases. This is especially true in the case of rare ailments. The app also allows the exchange of a variety of information between medical professionals for educational and training purposes.


This is another serious contender in the health apps market. No wonder thousands of doctors around the world have installed this application and are pleased with its use. UpToDate is replete with medical knowledge that helps answer most questions. Downloading UpToDate is free, but in order to access the information stored in it, you or your organization need to have a subscription to the database.

Medical Terminologies

This is a reference guide for the study of medical terms. With it, you can find the interpretation of any unknown words and expressions from the field of medicine. The application has offline support, quick search and an unlimited number of bookmarks. Medical Terminologies contains volumes of information. The only minus is a slightly outdated design, but the functionality is just great. For medical students, this medical dictionary app is a must-have. 


This is a great comprehensive ultrasound medical application. This mobile application will provide all the important information necessary for conducting clinical ultrasound studies. Brief, step-by-step instructions of the application will help you get a complete picture for integration into your clinical practice.


This is a diagnosis app. With this application (proven with research results, reviewed in dozens of specialized publications), the practitioner has the opportunity to double-check the diagnosis. The Isabel database contains more than six thousand reports on diseases and symptoms, also provides an opportunity to detail the results by age, patient gender, etc. To use the application, you need online access. Isabel is free, but you need to purchase a paid subscription to use all the features.

Complete Anatomy

This is considered the best anatomy app. Unlike analogs, the service provides the user with three-dimensional images of individual parts of the human body. It also has convenient tools for cutting, copying, and creating records. The user can also share his or her own observations with others through a special cloud platform. 


This service involves a whole community of qualified doctors and patients. Each user-patient has the opportunity to get a paid or free online doctor consultation. Communication takes place in the mode of audio and video online chat, as well as with the help of the messages. There is an opportunity to read popular questions and answers.

Airway Ex Virtual Surgery Simulator

This is a virtual reality application that helps you practice fiber optics skills. This application has been developed for anesthesiologists, otolaryngologists and emergency doctors for endoscopic training. You will be able to perform virtual operations directly on your iPhone or iPad, which will maximize training and improve surgical results.


This is a great educational application based on simulation. It gives you an idea of the patient who turned to you for help, and you play the role of an online doctor who should fully control the situation: study the patient's history, carry out an examination, and diagnose and prescribe therapy to treat the main problem of the patient.



Types of Healthcare Apps

  • Corporate applications for clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies
  • Applications containing medical literature: reference books of drugs, clinical reference books with a detailed description of the main clinical symptoms, protocols, articles, monographs
  • Applications for special categories of patients (pregnant women, diabetics, the elderly), to control nutrition, exercise, weight, blood pressure, sugar level
  • Nursing apps to help care for patients
  • Fitness applications
  • The options are endless!




What Are the Functional Requirements of an Online Medical App?

  • The ability to appoint a doctor in the right specialization and get the selected service at the right time
  • Schedules of doctors
  • Online consultation (in video and chat format)
  • Payment for services through the application
  • Personal profile for patients, where the history of examinations, diseases, tests, and health monitoring is stored
  • Databases - reference books, information about diseases, drugs, articles, etc.
  • Push messages about changes, news, promotions, events, new offers, etc.



What Are the Potential Pitfalls of Doctor App Development?

For Clinics, Hospitals, and Doctor’s Appointment Apps

For this type of application, it is necessary to develop a personal account for each doctor so that he or she can manage appointments, as well as implement the schedule, calendar, and database of patients and their case histories, plus provide an opportunity to ask a doctor in an online mode.

For Educational Apps for Medical Students

For this type of application, the most important task is to create a relevant information database that can be easily updated.

For Apps for Practicing Doctors

If there is a need to create an application with doctors on demand, it is necessary to introduce an intuitive interface for communicating with the doctor, as well as supplement it with the medication calculation function so that the doctor can prescribe the correct dosage of drugs online.

For Health and Fitness Apps

For health and fitness applications, it is imperative to develop integration with wearable devices in order to track the user's actual vitals and make recommendations based on them.

For Pharmacology Apps

For pharmacies, it is important to create an intuitive interface for the user, so that the search and order of the necessary medicine are carried out in no more than three clicks, plus a payment security system.


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