Vehicle mobile application. How to get More from your Vehicle

Vehicle mobile application. How to get More from your Vehicle
Jun 10

The need for development of car apps has been rapidly growing. The market swiftly reacts to these signals and applications aimed precisely in this direction are increasingly common.


Usually vehicle mobile application has two parts - a hardware configuration interface that connects to the onboard computer of the car and the application itself on the mobile device. The whole set would cost the owner of a vehicle less than $100, and will allow to transmit data from the car phone.


The car application analyzes the data and acts as an intelligent assistant while the driver is operating the vehicle. It analyzes many aspects of the trip and provides the user with helpful tips on how to drive more carefully, how to reduce fuel consumption and how to extend the life of the car. The main objective of application is to give the driver more insight into their car. Vehicle maintenance app usually helps to track car's service and gas fill-ups.


One of the most interesting features of the application is that it records every trip including duration, fuel consumption, and the route: any information on the trip. The more of this information the driver has, the easier it is to optimize their trip and save time and money.


The second feature is it decodes problems. Rather than take the car to the service station as soon as the “check engine” light comes on, you can just look at the car mobile app and see what the problem is. If a failure occurs during an accident, it sends the coordinates of the vehicle to emergency services immediately.


Car parking app also lets you save the location of the car in a parking lot. When the user stops the engine, it records the latest location.


You can see an example of a car monitor app like this in our portfolio: Driving Behavior Monitoring and Safety Management Solution.


Archer Software is a recognized provider of embedded software solutions for connected cars as well as mobile apps for car owners.


Additionally, we have vast expertise in developing mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry, including geolocation tracking and geopositioning services. You can learn more about our work with car related apps on our Automotive page.

For more information about how we can develop connected car software solutions that are right for you, contact our experts at

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