how to launch automotive startup

We have accumulated our experience in designing, building and launching more than 500 software solutions to create a webinar on how technologies can pivot, accelerate or ruin any automotive startup's way to conquering the market.

In the recording, Alex Sharko, COO of Archer, talks about the cases of our clients to cover the following:

  • Why in-depth business and system analysis is vital for automotive startups?
  • Case: Route optimization through monitoring driving behavior
  • Minimal Viable Product vs Minimal Marketable Product: when and how to launch?
  • Case: Comparison of 2 go-to-market strategies: one that resulted in a startup failure and the one that allowed the company to successfully and steadily grow
  • How to identify users' needs through telematics and infotainment solutions?
  • Case: Custom insurance packages based on the data gathered by telematics solutions
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